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Loft108 in Old Montreal

Located in Old Montreal, the Yasmin Yoga Loft is a gorgeous 2,200 sq ft studio where you can enjoy yoga, music, art and food. We offer regular weekly classes, yoga teacher training, workshops and special events. It is also an amazing community of interesting people. Here, all levels of students are welcome. Come explore, observe, connect and grow.

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Recent Posts

Cousins Anna (left) & Jaime (right) became close after moving to Montreal.

Kutumba Energy: Acroyoga duo

Kutumba Energy is an acroyoga duo based in Montreal comprised of Anna Kowaleski & Jaime Schmidt-Little. They will be teaching at Loft108, so we thought you should get to know them! Cousins Anna & Jaime became hooked on acroyoga after just one class purchased on GroupOn. Originally from Ontario, Kutumba Energy is known for highly creative acroyoga […]

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