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Daily Theming to Enhance Joy & Wellbeing

In an effort to enhance wellbeing and augment joy, I started to my implement daily theming into my 30 Day Healthy Living Program and into my own life. A year later, I am truly amazed at the effect this has had on my overall sense of fulfillment. Disclosure I am not a naturally organized person. I am an entrepreneur working […]

Finding a Comfortable Meditation Posture

Finding a comfortable meditation posture was always my biggest challenge when I was first starting my practice. My back would ache, my knees would hurt, and my feet would fall asleep. The only advice I ever remember getting was to sit still and ignore the discomfort. This didn’t make me look forward to or enjoy […]

Chocolate Protein Ball Recipe

This Chocolate Protein Ball Recipe is a life-saver when you are trying to cut sugar. They are so delicious and have become a favourite at home with my husband and Koji, among friends and also with my students! These Chocolate Protein Balls are also vegan, gluten-free, soy-free with no added sugar! Rich in antioxidants (cocoa) […]

Open your Nadis & Increase your energy

Nadis are energy centres & channels responsible for giving vitality to every cell and system in the body. Imagine living every day with more flow and more exuberance. In this post, I am sharing simple ways to boost the subtle energies of the body for maximum results. What are Nadis and why are they important? When the nadis […]

Ayurvedic Self-Massage Guide & Download

Ayurvedic self-massage is a highly beneficial treatment on all levels. I recommend this type of self-massage because it particularly helpful for lymphatic drainage, aiding the body’s detoxification process. It also a nice, nurturing ritual that can be continued regularly as it helps foster self-love and appreciation– two qualities everyone good use more of! Ayurvedic self-massage is also known as Abhyanga. […]

20 Life-Changing Questions

Determining what I really really REALLY want started by answering several life-changing questions. These questions, complied over several workshops and countless reading, required me to get extremely honest with myself, which led to some big decisions like selling my yoga studio in Pointe Claire, moving, building a new online business and even shifting my social circle. Difficult as […]

Spring Cleanse Program

This spring cleanse program is inspired by ayurveda, the ancient Indian medical system I practice. It holistic and works all levels: physical, mental, emotional and energetic as well. I do a customized cleanse program for my clients, which ideal for addressing specific needs and/or health goals. However, I wanted to share suggestions for a gentle spring cleanse that almost anyone […]

Productivity Mindset

Developing a productivity mindset is something I continue to work at, because I have big goals and dreams and no time to waste, but I have to say, this does not come naturally to me. However, I have made vast improvements in this area thanks to a few practices I adopted in the last year. […]

Daily Affirmations to Create the Best Day Everyday

These are my daily affirmations to create the best day everyday. I read & review them at night and in the morning to help me protect my mindset and stay focused. You are welcome to adopt these for your own or personalize them.  Use the present tense, affirmative, positive language and where possible, begin each affirmation with […]

10 Great Personal Development Books

I have been reading a lot over the last few months and I have finally put together my list of top 10 great personal development books. Of course, there are many other great books. These are just the ones that have inspired me the most in the last six months and my recommended reading. Since […]