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Wheat Free Blueberry Pancake Recipe

Photo by Craig Bannerman After many months of searching for the right method for making wheat-free pancakes, I finally succeeded in making the BEST PANCAKES EVER. And I am now sharing the recipe with you: (voir ci-dessous pour la recette en français) Ingredients 1 1/4 kamut flour 1/2 tsp sea salt 1 tbsp baking powder […]

Urban Goddess Retreat

Les déesses urbaines! I had the greatest time at our Urban Goddess Retreat last weekend. We (myself and organizing partner Jasmine Goyer) couldn’t have asked for better participants or a better location. There was fantastic group chemistry, lots of deep belly laughing, and great conversations. Perhaps I underestimated how amazing a gathering of extraordinary women […]

Death becomes us

I’m sad. Remember that beautiful baby alpaca I wrote about yesterday? Well, this afternoon, I had the misfortune of walking into the barn and finding Walnut dead, crushed under the weight of his sick mother. I ran into the house to get Vito to help me move the mother alpaca, but sadly, it was too […]

Baby Alpaca in Bancroft, Ont

The Buddha says, “It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been away, only how soon you come back.” So here I am. Back, after a few weeks of being conflicted over what to write about. I’m in Bancroft, a small town smack in the middle of Ontario. It’s our annual Victoria Day (Memorial Day for you Americans) […]

The Royal Wedding

{Note to reader: For full effect, engage a posh British accent to review to this textt.} Countess Yasmina Krystyna Von Ashtanga Yoga here reporting on the Royal Wedding…   What a lovely, lavish, luxury to be privy to this historical event today, this day, being the Royal nuptial of HRH Prince William and his beautiful […]

Pagan Full Moon Party

Forgive me. It has been a while since I last posted a blog.  Lately, life has been moving far too quickly for me to keep up with everything. But here I am. We have arrived at the 108th day of the year. Today is my last day of 54 chandra namaskar and it’s a full […]

Cookies & Music for yogis

Things are progressing nicely with the Moon Salutations. I am actually working on a little video to show you a clip of my practice, but it’s not ready yet.  So meanwhile, here’s a vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe from Emilie Brunet, one of my yoga teacher trainees at Om West: INGREDIENTS 1 cup coconut butter, […]

My Baba & the Lineage of our Teachers

OM VANDE GURUNAM CARANARAVINDE SANDARSITA SVATMA SUKHAVA BODHE NIH SREYASE JANGALIKAYAMANE SAMSARA HALAHALA MOHASANTYAI ABAHU PURUSAKARAM SANKHACAKRASI DHARINAM SAHASRA SIRASAM SVETAM PRANAMAMI PATANJALIM OM In Ashtanga yoga, we say a Sanskrit chant before each class to pay respect to the lineage of yoga teachers dating back to Patanjali, the ‘divine descendant’, who, as legend has […]

Day 27: alignment vs flow

Today marks the midpoint of my 54 day moon salutation project. It’s definitely a lot more relaxed than last year’s 108 sun salutations for 108 days. Obviously, this 54 lunar flow practice is a lot shorter than the 108 surya namaskar practice and the fact that I’m not blogging everyday about the practice makes the […]