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Relationships & yoga

  Photo by C. Bannerman “Oh Yeah, I blog,” is the sentiment my boyfriend Craig expressed on his blog after being away for awhile. I can relate. Sometimes I make blogging into this big thing in my mind, so I just don’t always get to it. I think it needs several hours of thoughtful expression […]

Surprise Party

  Let me tell you about some fabulous people I know: My mom, Marta and my dad, Gord. They are turning 60-years-old this week. Yes, both of them. They were born a day apart on March 8th and 9th respectively.  They are the most youthful 60-year-olds I have ever seen. Active, energetic and still visibly […]

Sleeping City in the Sun

It’s a gloriously bright sun-shining Sunday, but Montreal is asleep recuperating from the city’s 8th annual “Nuit Blanche” (White Night) festivities. The whole town went nocturnal: museums open until 3am, music on the streets, open air swimming at the Bonventure Hilton, and over a hundred art installations. I have a hard time staying up uber […]

Happy Day 54

  Today is the 54th day of the year. I feel festive. After all, 54 is half of 108, a most auspicious number. Plus, it’s mid February and I’ll celebrate anything that helps me embrace this long, cold month in Montreal. As mentioned in my previous posting, I feel ready to embark on a new […]

Day 54/365…

Sorry I’ve been slacking on the blog front. I’ve been very involved in teaching and course development at my Om West Studio. I’m working on some cool stuff.  Nevertheless, yesterday, I had a thought. Wednesday is the 54th day of the year… So, I’m thinking, how about 54 sun sals for 54 days this year?  […]

Thursday in Montreal

It’s Thursday afternoon and so far, I have spent a wonderful day. 05:30  Up and about (yes, a.m.) 06:00  Digging out car (again) with Craig’s help (thank you so much!) 06:30  Yoga with new private clients 08:00  Yoga again with the marvelous, Max + oatmeal and berries with Max. 10:30  Hair cut at L’Academie Aveda– […]

Brrrr it’s cold out there!

I’m back in Montreal. Quel différence en température! Quite the shock going from +30 to -30 degrees Celsius within 24 hours! We arrived on the coldest day of the year, which I believe was -42 with wind chill. It seemed like the minute we landed, my skin dried up, my lips became chapped, and everything […]

Buddha Breath – video

It’s been a while since I posted a video, so we’ll see it works… This one features the simplest yoga practice in the world: Buddha Breathing on the couch! I’ve been doing a lot of this lately and for the first time yesterday, I noticed a big difference in ability to breathe into my diaphragm. […]

Beaches, Palm Trees & Deep Reflection

We have escaped the Canadian winter in favour of a couple of weeks in the Caribbean.  We’ve been in Sint Maarten for just over a week and I’m finally settled in. It takes me a while to get into vacation mode, so I’m grateful that this time we are able to be away for more […]

Food Glorious Food!

As promised, here are some vegetarian recipes to inspire you this holiday. They come are from Om West’s potluck brunch of Dec. 12th. Graham’s Masoor Dhal Ingredients 4 tablespoons oil (Graham uses extra-virgin olive; not very Indian but a nice flavour contribution) 6 cloves 6 whole cardamoms 2 pieces of cinnamon stick; 1 inch (2.5cm) […]