Birthday Gratitude at 36

It’s my birthday and I am full of gratitude…

The long table was set with the most beautiful china tea cups, little sandwiches, scones and other nice treats brought by my friends. Many of the amazing women sitting with me I have known at least half my life. Sunday, I had invited my nearest and dearest over for a “High Tea” to celebrate my birthday, which is in fact today and to enjoy my great-grandmother’s fine china that I don’t use nearly enough.2017-11-birthday-yoga2

At one point during our ‘tea party’, Amelie, a beautiful ex-model turned environmentalist and mom of two, asks if any of us have birthday traditions. I have one. Every year for my birthday I try to wake early, meditate, practice and write. My practice is 108 sun salutations, 108 being the most sacred and auspicious number in yoga. This moving meditation has always been deeply transformational and inspiring to me.

Today, I am 36-years-old, a milestone to me because 36 is one-third of 108.

I have often said that the hardest part of a yoga mala is the first 36 sun salutations because the body feels awkward, the momentum has yet to kick in and it’s hard to focus. I wonder if this might also be true of life.

Not sure about you, but my first third of life (yes, I envision living healthy and happy until I am 108), was internally filled with self-doubt, fears and uncertainty.

Today, I am celebrating the release of this baggage. I am embracing all my learning from the past. I have worked hard to shift my perspective. I have made tough decisions and changed for the better.

2017-11-birthday-tea-partyWhat has helped me the most is to surround myself with great people personally and professionally. Thank you to my energetic family, my incredibly dynamic and funny husband and my creative friends.  Thank you to the Arbonne leaders who inspire me with their success and desires to improve the world.  Thank you to Emilie, my amazing administrator at Loft108 and the interesting people that the Loft attracts. Thank you to my students and clients who appreciate my work.

Reading about three to four books a month  has helped grow as well. I have an Audible membership and listen to audio books 30-60 mins a day. I read paper books in coffee shops and on the beach when I have a few rare moments to myself. Recommended book list to be published soon.

I have also shifted back to a daily spiritual practice of prayer and devotion and the miracles are flowing into my life are difficult to share without sounding boastful. In short, I am overwhelmed with gratitude.

2017-11-birthday-yoga3Thank you, Thank you, Thank you was my theme of my yoga practice this morning. I am in Mexico City with my husband Arturo, my 15-month-old son Koji and my Mom.  Life is beautiful and I have tears of joy in my eyes as I write this.


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