10 Great Personal Development Books

I have been reading a lot over the last few months and I have finally put together my list of top 10 great personal development books. Of course, there are many other great books. These are just the ones that have inspired me the most in the last six months and my recommended reading. Since the new year is around the corner, hopefully one or two of these books will inspire you.

Practical Organization & time management books

Miracle Morning, by Hal Elrod2017-12-Blog-book1

This book is highly motivating! Great ideas on how to start your day well. Talks about the benefits of early rising and offers nice suggestions for a well rounded morning routine.

Eat that Frog! 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastination, by Bryan Tracy

This is way more than just a time management book. It’s a priority management book with simple tips on how to master your to do list.


Business Books & Books on Leadership

Extraordinary Leadership, by Robin Sharma
Short and simple and yet it delivers a powerful message. My favourite line is, “If you don’t make time for your health now, you will be forced to make time for illness in the future.”

The 5 Levels of Leadership: Proven Steps to Maximize Your Potential, by John Maxwell
This book talks about leadership without sounding boring or repetitive. The teachings and principles feel fresh. It basically discusses the nature of relationships in a new light. For me, it had a lot of ‘A-ha’ moments.

Inspirational & motivational Books

On Fire: The 7 Choices to Ignite a Radically Inspired Life, by John O’Leary2017-12-Blog-book3
Great book. This is a memoir / inspirational story about how the author transformed a childhood tragedy into power, love & gratitude. It gave me a lot to think about on many levels including being a mom.

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear, by Elizabeth Gilbert
Oh so good! It offers very a interesting perspective on being an artist and being creative. I felt a huge sense of relief reading this book. I also liked how Elizabeth Gilbert talked about the success and the process of her book Eat Pray Love.

Home Improvement Books

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, by Marie Kondo

Changed my life. Read this and do what she suggests no matter what. The method of recreating space and joy in your home and in your life is wonderful and has very positively influenced the energy in my home.

Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well, by Meik Wiking

Love this book! It offers so many sweet ideas on how to cultivate joy and community with others as well as yourself. (Just don’t pay too much attention to all the sugar & meat!)

Spiritual Development Books

Be Feel Think Do, by Anne Bérubé2017-12-Blog-book4

I like her story and her message. It’s gentle and feels Canadian, not overdone. Anne Bérubé is humble and grounded and you feel her through the book. It’s not super polished and neither it the message, which in many ways makes it more charming.

The Universe has your Back, by Gabrielle Bernstein

At first, I was not sure I would like this book or its author, because at first glance, it seems commercial and very American, but I loved it so much that I read it twice back to back. Amazing language to connect with Spirit in all circumstances.


PS  In case you don’t have time to sit around reading great personal development books, however nice this is, I recommend you download the Audible App and get a monthly subscription. It’s the best incentive to read. I do a combination of paper and audio books. I listen to books when I walk with Koji and when I drive mostly. I enjoy it so much.

Please share your feedback if you read or have read any of these books or if you have other books to recommend! Thank you!


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Prayers of Unity for 2017

I am not a religious person in the traditional sense. I would say I am spiritual and the G.O.D. of my understanding is what I call, the “Great Oneness Divine,” a powerful energy that unites all creatures great and small and represents life in all its glorious ways. This G.O.D. may manifest itself in may ways. I believe prayers are important and that the world needs all our prayers of unity for 2017 and beyond. These are mine:

Dear Great Oneness Divine,

May all babies know love and kindness from the moment they are born.

May all children and all beings receive love, care, respect and nourishment throughout their lives.

May parents and guardians be supported in their roles as caregivers and providers.

May all beings have love, peace, health and harmony throughout their lives.

May all beings have a home of love and comfort.

May all beings have access to healthcare, education and culture.

May all beings have confidence, courage and strength to shine.

May we appreciate nature and have gratitude for life’s little miracles.

May we build community and foster friendships.

May we listen to understand each other better.

May we come together as one to heal and protect our earth and all Her children.

May we use our combined talents to find innovative solutions and make the world a better place.

May happiness and friendship be enjoyed and shared by all. 

May happiness and friendship be enjoyed and shared by all. 

May there be curiosity and compassion in the world.

May abundance and love be enjoyed and shared by all.

May light dissolve the shadows of fear and loneliness.

May there be brotherhood and sisterhood among all beings. 

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Love, Healing, Light and Peace to all.

What are your prayers?



Grateful for 2016

Dear Great Oneness Divine,

We are at the cusp of a New Year. I am so grateful for the blessings of 2016 and in particular, the health and happiness of our son Koji Rio. Thank you for the wellbeing of my family and friends and the abundance we have to share with others.

Some of my wonderful Arbonne colleagues.

I am grateful to my wonderful Arbonne colleagues for their constant enthusiasm and support.


Thank you for a healthy pregnancy. I was so fortunate that I could travel and spend most of the winter in Panama with Arturo. Also, thank you for my Arbonne business for allowing me to work from anywhere in the world and thank you to my loyal clients and fantastic team of coworkers. What a blessing to earn a living while working outdoors by a pool or in a cafe or from the comfort of home!


How wonderful that I was able to continue exercising, travelling and working throughout the time I was carrying Koji! While I didn’t practice much yoga during this time, I learned to appreciate other forms of practice and discovered that I enjoy swimming and weight training. In Spring 2016, I was also able to attend conferences in Las Vegas and Toronto.



Koji Rio was born on Aug 16, 2016. We are truly grateful and honoured by his presence in our life.

I am grateful that Arturo, my parents and beloved mentor Gigi were present at the birth of my son. Although his birth was quite different than I anticipated, in the end, we are all healthy. I am grateful for the care we received at the birthing centre with our midwives as well as the dedication of the hospital staff at St Mary’s. Nurses are incredible beings.


Thank you for Koji and the blessing of parenthood. Thank you for a loving husband, who is a great dad. Thank you for the loving support from our family. We are blessed to be surrounded by people who love our son as much as we do. If only all babies received as much love as Koji, the world would be a better place.

Since Koji was born, we were fortunate to travel to a wedding in New York state, to Maine (first family vacation), to Niagara Falls, to Quebec City and all over Panama!  Thank you for two successful yoga retreats and several great yoga workshops. I am grateful to share my passion for yoga, ayurveda, nature and wellbeing with others.

This fall, we also said goodbye to my Grandma. It was blessing that she lived such a long and healthy life and passed away peacefully.

This year's Into the Light Solstice Yoga event for Dans la Rue brought together some of Montreal's finest yogis and yoga teachers.

This year’s Into the Light event for Dans la Rue gathered some of Montreal’s finest yogis & yoga teachers.


On Dec. 21st, we hosted our fourth annual Into the Light Solstice Yoga community practice and fundraiser for Dans la Rue, an organization that supports homeless youth in Montreal. We may have been few in numbers (it was, after all, the Wednesday before Christmas), but we raised more than any other year. See photos

Thank you to all participants for helping us raise $781 along with a bunch of material donations. Big gratitude to our sponsors for their donations to our Silent Auction:

And lastly, thank you for the beautiful Christmas we shared with our family in Montreal. It was a perfect way to close 2016. We are so blessed to have amazing families both in Canada and in Panama.



Healing Prayers for 2016

This are my healing prayers for 2016 and beyond.

Dear Great Oneness Divine,

Everyday, may I, may we be connected to Source, to Spirit, to Love, to healing.

May we be centred and peaceful within the constant changes that is the natural evolution of life.

May we approach each new challenge with curiosity, patience and courage.

May we have healing for our past hurts with forgiveness and grow stronger and brighter.

May we laugh often and experience true joy and happiness daily.

May we nourish ourselves and others with generosity and kindness.

May we be compassionate and open to learning.

May we accept our faults and be understanding of other people’s faults.

My we listen deeply and speak with integrity and truth.

May we follow our intuition and know when to let go and move forward with grace.

May we be confident and dream bigger, and may we encourage others to do the same.

May we be disciplined to follow through, especially with promises made to ourselves.

May we know when to take a nap and when to get to work.

May we show gratitude even during the tough times.

May we give and receive the support that’s needed.

May we embrace our essential nature like we embrace a friend we’ve missed.

May we have true friendship and community with others.

May we all know we our own beings:  free, whole and worthy of greatness.

May these healing prayers for 2016 manifest in the hearts of us all.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.






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Balancing the Chakras

The success of the recent chakra balancing workshop I led in Montreal prompted me to write this post and share the information more widely. I was amazed how this work instigated a profound shift in all of the workshop participants.

Chakras, for those new to the term, are powerful energy centres located along the spine. There are seven charkas, each associated with specific physiological and psychological functions. The word ‘chakra’ in Sanskrit means ‘wheel’ or ‘circle’. Often they are described as ‘wheels of light.’  Whenever there is stress or dis-ease in the body or mind, the chakras are involved and affected. Over the years, I’ve found that working with chakras is greatly revealing and can radically improve healing. Although I offer chakra balancing sessions using gemstones and mantras, experience has shown me that the most effective way to increase energetic flow through the chakra system is by asking some tough questions.

Below is my chakra chart. Here’s how I  suggest you use it:

  1. Begin with a simple meditation. Sit comfortably and focus on your breath.
  2. Centre yourself: Feel the ground below you and connect to the ‘God of your understanding.’
  3. Bring your awareness to area of the first chakra and observe the sensation, color, shape and general energetic impression.
  4. After a few minutes, write down your observations.
  5. Then ask yourself the first question. (see below)
  6. Pay attention to what comes up. It may be an image, emotion or memory.
  7. Without analysis, write down your observations.
  8. Then ask the next question and follow the same procedure.
  9. When you’ve completed the questions for the first chakra, bring your attention back to the area of the chakra.
  10. Visualize the color associated to it and incorporate one of the suggested balancing tools: mantra, mudra or gemstone. (Do not do all three. You will be overwhelmed.)
  11. After a few minutes, set aside the visualization and tools and observe  the sensation, color, shape and general energetic impression of the chakra
  12. After a few minutes, write down your observations.

If you are up to it, you can then move on to the next chakra and do the same process. However, if this work is new to you, I recommend giving yourself at least a day in between each chakra session.  You may feel emotional or strange after this work. It can even be alarming. Breathe and let it go. Do some yoga and drink water to cleanse. Writing out what you’re feeling and your reactions then burning the pages is also therapeutic.








1. Muladhara Chakra

First or Root Chakra

Location: Base of spine or coccyx

Color:  Red

Element:  Earth

Basic survival needs for food, clothing, security and shelter, as well as to earthly pleasures. Out of balance, we feel fear and disconnection. In harmony, we feel safe & grounded. What brings me security?

Where do I feel most at home?

What do I need to survive?

Mantra:   LAM

Mudra:  Ring & thumb

Gemstones:  Garnet, Smoky quartz, Ruby, Bloodstone, Black tourmaline, Obsidian, Red Calcite


2. Swadhisthana Chakra

Second, Spleen or Sacral Chakra

Location: Below the navel in the lower abdomen

Color:  Orange

Element:  Water

Directs our reproductive organs, sexual expression, and creativity. The health of this energy center indicates the ease or dis-ease we have with intimacy & creative power. What are my passions?

In what area(s) does my creativity flow?

What is intimacy to me?

How do I create intimacy?

Mantra:   VAM

Mudra:  Pinky & thumb

Gemstones:  Blue-green Turquoise, Blue-green Fluorite, Amber, Orange Calcite, Vanadinite, Orange camelian


3. Manipura Chakra

Third or Solar Plexus Chakra

Location: Just above the navel in the solar plexus

Color:  Yellow

Element:  Fire

Described as a ‘shining gem’ & the center of personal power, it governs digestion, self-esteem & emotional balance. This is our source of  confidence, courage and vitality. What brings me strength & confidence?

What do I want?

What is my ‘shinning gem’? / What am I great at?

What stands in my way?

Mantra:   RAM

Mudra:  RT hand  LT, thumbs touch; Pinky, ring & thumb.

Gemstones:  Yellow Jasper, Golden Calcite, Citrine, Lemon quartz, Topaz, Moonstone


4. Anahatha Chakra

Heart Chakra

Location:   Heart or center of the chest

Color:  Green

Element:  Air

Connected to breath, feelings of compassion, understanding, forgiveness & acceptance. Preserving this center allows us to know unconditional love. Who was I before my heart was broken?

Who or what can I forgive?

What do I want most in my life?

What do I love about myself?

Mantra:   YAM

Mudra:  Palms touch in prayer position

Gemstones:Malachite, Jade, Green Peridot, Rose Quartz, Kunzite, Morganite, Green Tourmaline


5. Vishuddha Chakra

Throat Chakra

Location:  Throat

Color:  Blue

Element:  Ether or Space

This chakra governs personal expression, communication, and the thyroid gland. When free from obstruction, we feel at ease to speak our truths, to trust and to let go of tension. What do I want to get off my chest right now?

How do I express myself in my highest state?

What gifts do I have to share?

How do I want to express my creativity?

Mantra:   HAM

Mudra:  Middle & thumb over knuckle

Gemstones:  Sodalite, Blue Calcite, Blue Kyanite, Angelite, Blue Turquoise, Saphire



6. Ajna Chakra

Third Eye or Brow Chakra

Location:  Forehead, between the eyes

Color:  Indigo or Midnight blue

Element:  n/a

No element is associated with Ajna other than light itself. The act of seeing, both physical and intuitive, stems from this energy. When balanced, we have clear thoughts imagination and wisdom. Who am I?What guides me?

How do I know if something is right for me?

Where & how do I rest my mind & allow my creativity to flow?

Mantra:   KSHAM

Mudra:  Interlace fingers, indexes extend

Gemstones:  Lapis Lazuli, Azurite, Sugilite, Iolite, Turquoise, Tanzanite


7. Sahasrara Chakra

Crown Chakra

Location:  Top or just above head

Color:  Luminous colors

Element:  n/a

Described as a one-thousand petal lotus of rainbow colors so luminous, it turns white. This is our gateway to the divine. This centre is connected to spirituality and cosmic consciousness. It governs our sense of belonging. What is divinity to me?

How and when do I interact with the divine?

What is enlightenment to me?

How can I be of service?

Mantra:   AUM

Mudra:  Index & thumb

Gemstones:  White Calcite, White Topaz, Amethyst, Selenite, Celestite



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Prayers for 2013 and beyond

Happy New Year, my friends. This is my prayer for the new era we are entering. Please feel free to make it your own, share it and/or add to it in the comments below.

Dear G.O.D. (Great Oneness Divine),

Thank you for a fantastic life.
I am so grateful for this human experience and for the wonderful people who surround me.
May 2013 bring me greater clarity.
May I be inspired by some great purpose.
May I be creative, motivated, productive and grateful each day.
May I only take on what is healthy for me and may I learn to simply rest when I am tired.
Please grant me the courage to face my challenges with grace and humility.
Please help me transform my past hurts into strength, insight and wisdom.
May I forgive. May I let go. And may I grow.
Please give me the discipline to continue to work on myself mentally, physically and spiritually.
May I continue to know peace, joy, health, abundance, love and kindness.
May these qualities exude from every cell in my body and in some way, touch all beings everywhere.
May all beings know peace, joy, health, abundance, love and kindness.
May all beings have access to clean water, food, love and safe place to rest, learn, play and pray.
May all parents be supported in their roles as protectors and providers.
May all children enjoy their childhoods in laughter, peace and security.
May physical, emotional and mental healthcare be available and accessible for all.
May those that need help receive the love and care they require.
May no one live in fear, hunger or loneliness.
May all beings have access clean air, fertile land, beautiful forests and pristine waters.
May we come together as a global community to heal and to share conversations, ideas and abundance.

Please surround me in warm, white light wherever I am and may this light be passed on to whomever I encounter.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Om Shanti. Peace.

Happy Earth Day, Earthlings

Since my first Earth Day march at age 7, I have participated in countless demonstrations, protests, and petitions against various environmental foes. I have dodged rubber bullets, been tear-gassed, and narrowly escaped incarceration on several occasions. I have toured with David Suzuki, rallying and speaking about the importance of ecological sustainability at universities across Canada. Throughout my life as an activist, I have also seen countless people lose themselves in frustration and rage. I have been there too, and I understand that there are many issues to rage over, especially on this Earth Day; the first since Canada pulled out of the Kyoto Agreement.

However, after all my protesting and picketing, I have come to believe the way to instil change and to safeguard our beautiful planet is to elevate our consciousness from anger to love. I don’t mean to sound hippy-dippy. But humans are best motivated by love and appreciation rather than by fear and anger. When we begin to appreciate nature’s miracles, like spring tulips pushing through the snow or whales surfacing for air in the St Laurence estuary, protecting our Earth’s majestic landscapes and its resources becomes instinctual.

I have a theory: Children are generally more keen to protect the environment then adults because they play outdoors and they live in the moment. They observe the magic of nature all the time. They climb trees and watch the wind blow through the leaves. They build forts in rock piles. They make cakes and castles out of mud.

But as children grow up, they become time sensitive. They climb social ladders, watch “realty” on TV, build Facebook profiles and make sales. Their hours are spent indoors, and so, they begin to forget how beautiful shooting stars look from a rooftop blanket.

Just it as the smog in the sky has made it difficult to see stars at night, so has smog in our minds made it difficult to see the beauty of the planet. We are consumed with the bottom line and corporate success. What’s more, as society, we are unfulfilled and unhappy.

The great author and teacher Eckart Tolle wrote in his best selling book, The Power of Now:
“The pollution of the planet is only an outward reflection of an inner psychic pollution: millions of unconscious individuals not taking responsibility for their inner space […] Are you polluting the world or cleaning up the mess? You are responsible for your inner space; nobody else is, just as you are responsible for the planet. As within, so with out: If humans clear inner pollution, then they will also cease to create outer pollution.”

The time has come for a silent revolution, a change in consciousness. We move beyond the cubical of personal stress, breathe deeply and play outside. We relive the joy and the magic of our youth. We take time to celebrate the Planet. As we walk, ski, bike or run through the woods and even rest under the branches of a willow tree, we begin to recognize Mother Nature’s infinite wisdom to heal and forgive. We rejoice in rediscovering her magnificence and we vow to commit ourselves to her well being, as well as to our own.

{Photo by Craig Bannerman Photography}

The Art of Letting go

As we sift through drawers, closets, and forgotten boxes, the dust makes my eyes water and my nose stuff up. Emotions well inside. I remember the young student who gave me this red card with the embossed deity on it the cover. He was seven at the time he was in my kids yoga class, but he must be in Cegep now. There’s also an astrology book found in this collection of stuff. The instructor who gave it to me way back when doesn’t speak to me anymore because of a disagreement. In other box, I find every attendance sheet of every class I ever taught since 2004. I can’t believe that was eight years ago, and I really can’t believe I’m in the process of packing up and moving out of my studio.


This was my week to sort through everything at Om West and decide what stays, what to recycle, what to discard, and what to bring home. On Thursday afternoon, I sit on the floor of Studio 1 and sort CDs. There are a couple without labels. I put one into the player and the notes of Yann Tiersen’s theme song for Amelie begin. Suddenly, I’m lost in a cloud of memories and undistinguishable feelings. I stare at the window and try to regain my composure. “We’re almost done,” I tell myself. “Soon this will all be over.”
I’m not very good at organizing, so trying to figure out what to do with all these accumulated documents and materials is stressful for me. It’s a lot of small intestine work, my friend Nadia would say. I feel constipated, both physically and mentally. But miraculously, after three days and several car trips later, we’re done, and the studio has never, in its 15 years of existence, been more orderly. 
By 8:30pm, Craig, who all day was helping me sort and stay focused, is waiting by the door. The car is packed. But all of a sudden, I have an urge to sit and have a good cry. The lump in my throat has become so large, it’s restricting my breath, and my lower lip is quivering uncontrollably. It finally hit me— All the decisions I made here, all the people I met, all the events I’ve hosted… I never before realized what I actually created and did in this place. I don’t want to leave. I feel like going back upstairs and hugging every wall.  
Craig walks over and puts his arms around me and whispers things like, “Everything is still going to be here next week,” and “Think about all the you’re now going to have.” But I know I just have to let myself release emotions until I feel better.
We eventually make our way home. I am comforted by conversation with Antoine, the new owner, and a bowl of warm Thai curry that is delivered to our door.
So now the sorting is over, and it’s end of a monumental year.
Craig and I are in Bancroft, Ontario at Kat and Vito’s alpaca farm. My friend Jamie Lee, the artist, and Ron Obadia, chocolate yoga co-founder are here too. I’m happy to be celebrating the start of 2012 surrounded by beloved friends. We have a big bonfire planned tonight and I brought a box of paperwork to burn. This will be my way of symbolically letting go of the past.
It’s the dawn of a new beginning, and the start of a new adventure. I’m ready and I’m so stoked.


Kids Yoga Camp 2008


Practice your own letting go ritual this weekend: 
Write down anything and/or everything that has upset you. Then, as soon as you are done writing, destroy the paper by burning or shredding it.
Cleaning out closets and storage boxes can also be liberating. 
Then, take time to be silent so inspiration can come.
Happy Happy New Year. May peace and joy prevail.

Death becomes us

I’m sad.
Remember that beautiful baby alpaca I wrote about yesterday? Well, this afternoon, I had the misfortune of walking into the barn and finding Walnut dead, crushed under the weight of his sick mother. I ran into the house to get Vito to help me move the mother alpaca, but sadly, it was too late. It appeared as though the mother had collapsed as baby Walnut was feeding and trapping him beneath her. The mother alpaca has been getting progressively worse and is expected to follow her baby soon.
We buried Walnut’s body in the back of the property. Having had such a strong bond with the little alpaca, Kat was inconsolable. In his quiet way, Vito was also clearly deeply affected. In fact, we all were.
A sad lesson in the impermanence of life…
As Kat put it, “I know death is part of life, but I don’t know why it is still so shocking.”

My Baba & the Lineage of our Teachers

In Ashtanga yoga, we say a Sanskrit chant before each class to pay respect to the lineage of yoga teachers dating back to Patanjali, the ‘divine descendant’, who, as legend has it, wrote the Yoga Sutras.
My take on this tradition is that since yoga teachers have many forms and anyone who has touched our heart is a yoga teacher, the chant honors all the people who have guided us and contributed to our lives. In the prayer, we recognize the wisdom of our teachers, but we also recognize that the wisdom of our teachers comes from their teachers, so we also honor our teachers’ teachers’  and teachers teachers’ teachers’… And with this humbling intention, we begin our practice.
It’s in these tender moments that I always acknowledge my maternal grandmother, who in many ways influenced my path as a yoga teacher. She died ten years ago this weekend. She wasn’t a yoga instructor per se, and as far as I know, she never practiced asana, but my grandmother was a guru, my guru. We called her “Baba” or “Babs.” This was easier for us three grand-kids to say than ‘Babcia’, the Polish word for grandmother. (Ironically, “Baba” is also an honorific term used in Hindi and mark of respect to refer to Sufi saints.)  Nevertheless, my Baba’s real name was Krystyna.
My mom and grandmother Baba
To mark this significant anniversary of my Baba’s passing, we are currently hosting an art retrospective of more than 60 of her paintings, graphics, and weavings at my yoga studio. It’s was my mom’s idea to transform Om West into a gallery, and the exhibit is incredible. Her talent is remarkable, and I am proud and honored to be able to present my grandmother’s work to our community of yogis and friends.

Born in Białystok, Poland on August 21, 1919, my grandmother was fiercely courageous, strong willed and direct.  She and my grandfather (who passed away in 1974) immigrated to Canada shortly after World War II and settled in Sherbrooke, two hours south east of Montreal, where they raised my mother and her two siblings. Baba loved her garden, her art, her cat, her family and coveted her independence and freedom.

My grandmother taught me about nature, energy, creativity, intuition, and spirituality. Curiously, Baba was a clairvoyant. Although she would rarely talk about it, she did say that strong intuition was  a  gift that many of the women in her family shared.  Deeply spiritual, Baba was devoted to the teachings of Jesus. However, in later years, Baba was also interested in Hindu and Buddhist philosophy, and became a follower of Sathya Sai Baba, an Indian guru. As a kid, she exposed me to various meditation temples and ashrams, which was the ideal preparation for me as a teacher of yoga and meditation.

Thinking of Baba now and observing her powerful artwork on the walls of my studio,  I’m overcome with emotion, which is hard for me to express. I wish I had asked her more questions when she was alive, but I am making up for it now. I talk to her in thought and prayer and I occasionally feel as though she is really close to me particularly when I’m sitting alone about practice, and oddly, when I taste dill, because she used to put it on everything.


As mentioned, at beginning of the Ashtanga chant, I usually invoke her memory, and sometimes I get so caught up in thoughts about her, I actually forget the words to the Sanskrit  ashtanga chant! Thankfully, my students understand that I’m a bit quirky when it comes to the order of things and discerning my rights and lefts, so someone is always quick to fill my long awkward pause.
Me posing with Baba’s abstract work from the 60s & 70s
My brother Stefan, my mother Marta and cousin Kalil
My cousin and I keep checking who owns what so we know
who we have to negotiate with to acquire the pieces we want.
Studio 2 features Baba’s landscapes, which she switched to in the early 80s.
Baba’s landscapes from the 80s & 90s
A portrait of my grandmother with a letter from Quebec Premier Jean Charest,
expressing his condolences upon Baba’s death.
Kocham cie, Babs.