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Yoga means ‘union’ in Sanskrit. It’s often understood as an activity. Yoga is also an art, a way of understanding our environment and how it affects and therapy that promotes a healthy circulation of energy and optimizes wellbeing all levels: physical, mental and emotional. #YasminYoga

5 Reasons to do Yoga during the Holidays

"As life gets festive and busy, often yoga during …"

Solstice Yoga Fundraiser for Dans la Rue

"Our second annual Into the Light Solstice Yoga fundraiser …"

Infinite space and possibilities = excit …

"After spending eight days in Maine (ironically on the …"

Friday Theme: Friday Fitness & Move …

"My Friday theme became Fitness Fridays mostly because became …"

Wednesday Theme: Heart & Soul

"My Wednesday Theme is Heart & Soul. Often referred …"

Monday Theme: Monday Mindset

"My Theme for Mondays is Mindset. Monday Mindset has …"

Beginner Yoga Tips Everyone Needs to Kno …

"My mission in life, and certainly over the last …"

Stress Management with Pranayama & …

"Pranayama is the practice of learning how to breathe …"

Daily Theming to Enhance Joy & Well …

"In an effort to enhance wellbeing and augment joy, …"

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