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Our annual Winter Solstice fundraising event for Dans la Rue a non profit organization that supports homeless youth in Montreal was a beautiful success. On Sunday December 20th approximately 50 people gathered in the loft to participate in a wonderful practice and give generously to the cause. The room was filled with vibrant energy, holiday spirit and gratitude. Thank you to the teachers Claire Holden Rothman, Yasmin Fudakowska-Gow, Carlo Kuhlenschmidt, Tara Lazanis and Andrew Bathory who made the practice unique, fun and invigorating.

Thank you to our sponsors YOCOMO, Mon Yoga Virtuel, Yoga Directory Canada, Element Yoga for helping promote and share the event with your networks. Thank you Rise Kombucha, Quin Bite and Arbonne for the lovely drinks and snacks. Thank you again to Green City Courier for once again helping us deliver our donations to Dans La Rue.

Below is what was collected:Partner
– Socks x33
– Gloves x6
– Hats x2
– Scarves x2
– Winter jacket x1
– Shirts x3
– Pants x2
– Men’s underwear x2
– Blanket x2
– Floss x2
– Shampoo x8
– Conditioner x9
– Toothpaste x7 INTL teachers

– Toothbrush x13
– Q-Tips x1
– Deodorant x4
– Bar of soap x4
– Toiletry kits x6
– Pads x7
– Tampons x2
– Sponge x1
– Lotion x2
– Nuts x1
– Soda x9
– Tuna x3
– Soup x12
– Meals x7
– Cans of fruit & veggies x13
– Sauces x8
– Peanut butter x1
– Mayo x1
– Jam x1
– Coffee x1
– Grains x9
– Tea x1
– Jello and desserts x3
– Juice x1
– Tim Hortons Gift Cards x10
– $254 of financial donations

Thank you so much for your presence, participation and donations.

The Yasmin Yoga Team