Morning Yoga by the Lake is the best way to start the day!
August 20-24, 2018
Time : 6 h 00 – 8 h 30
Registration (click “voirs les cours” –> “prochains cours”)
  • Price 1 week: $150 + tax (Includes daily yoga, breakfast, practice manual or video + 1 private consultation online before or after & personalized guided meditation recording)
  • Price 1 day $40+ tax par jour/ per day (Includes yoga & breakfast)

Join Yasmin for a week of blissful morning yoga practices by the lake to start your summer! If you haven’t yet participated, this is one program that must be experienced. The benefits of doing yoga five days in a row are HUGE as each practice builds on the one before.

We meet at dawn and stretch out our mats facing the rising sun. We begin with a gentle meditation and gradually make our way through a beautiful morning therapeutic yoga sequence inspired by ayurveda for all levels. Yasmin offers a led workshop style practice from 6:15am to 8:15am. The pace is slow yet steady and postures are examined with a therapeutic approach. After relaxation, a picnic breakfast complete with muffins, savoury dishes,  cut fruit and hot coffee & tea awaits. There are always vegan & gluten-free options available. And if you need to leave early, no problem! We will pack your breakfast to go!


– An alarm clock set for 5:00am or 5:30am

– A Yoga Mat

– 1-2 Blankets (preferably tightly woven, as opposed to fluffy)

– 1-2 Yoga Blocks*

– 1 Yoga strap or belt*

– Warm clothes – best to dress in layer, as it is cool when we begin

– Travel mug (for tea or coffee), utensils, and a container or camping dish (bowl or plate)

* Please let us know if you need yoga props.

Registration (click “voirs les cours” –> “prochains cours”)