My Love Story

I have some big huge news! I am engaged! Although I never envisioned myself as a bride, these are some crazy, awesome times and I couldn’t be more excited. Arturo is the name of my beloved. He is an engineer, smart house creator, world traveler and marathon runner from Panama– hence the reason I have been there so often recently.

Here’s my love story, I mean our love story:  Arturo and I met nearly seven years ago in Mont Tremblant ski resort when Arturo was working on a project in Montreal. There was an instant connection and we spent several months enjoying dinners and discussions together. When his contract ended, we parted as friends and lost touch as life went on. Last autumn, out of blue, I received a short message from him and two months of Skype calls later, we met up in New Orleans. The rest as is said is history.

In the last nine months, we have done 11 trips to see each other. Time and costs aside, we knew we had to decide if and how we were going to make our relationship work. We shared our visions of life with one another and found that they aligned nearly perfectly, and the only thing we joked about changing in the other person was “geographical location”. So on a small boat off the Atlantic coast of Panama, he said in the most pragmatic tone: “Do you want a wedding?”

After a bit of a pause, I replied, eyes squinting analytically: “Hmmm… I think so.”

We left it there for a while until conversations naturally started to turn toward the kind of wedding we wanted for ourselves: small, elegant, meaningful with good wine and great music. This was all in theory, as we hadn’t fully committed to the idea of marriage yet.

Then in June, we decided to tell our families of our plans and everything became ‘official’. We even chose a vintage art deco engagement ring for me, which I am now wearing on my left hand– You’ll have to find me in person, if you want to see it! 🙂  We kept our news rather private for a couple of months, just within our families, as it felt too sacred to share publicly at first.

Our time in Europe this summer strengthened our bond: beaches, vineyards, museums, music, dancing and visits with my family in London and Warsaw and his in Croatia – Arturo is part Croatian. It also gave us time to discuss how and where we are going to live. Being free-spirited entrepreneurs who love to travel, we have decided to share our time between Montreal and Panama starting with Nov. in Panama, Dec. and Jan. in Montreal and winter in Panama, with a couple short trips back to Montreal for workshops and teacher training.

It would be such a joy to have you visit me in Panama! To make it fun and interesting, I am co-hosting a Panama Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat Nov 25 – 30 with Katherine Croston, an amazing yoga teacher based in Panama City. I am also leading a retreat in February and giving a Yoga Teacher Training Mar. – June at Transcendence Yoga in Panama City (details on this available soon). Come!

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  1. Cathy Riviere
    Cathy Riviere says:

    So happy for you Yasmin, all the best to the two of you. Congratulations! Sounds like you make a good pair and he’s cute too!


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