Vega_YogaForSensuality-Feb2013People ask me all the time if yoga has improved my sex life. In short, yes, but not only in the ways you would expect it to. Sure, being flexible and having good stamina have their benefits, but for me, yoga has helped me cultivate a greater sensitivity toward my sexual energy with and without my partner.

Sensuality is one of the essential lessons of yoga, although it is rarely emphasized as such. For this reason, I created a short 15-20 minute sequence to encourage the flow of sexual/sensual energy:

• Breathe deeply into your abdomen and pelvis.
• Feel the spine lengthening on the inhale.
• Allow yourself to gently deepen into the pose on the exhale.
• Feel the stability of the earth rising up from feet to crown of head.
• Stay in each pose a minimum of 8 breaths.
• Relax the areas you feel tension.
• Be patient, explore the pose, enjoy.

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