We are a multi-disciplinary educational space that offers workshop style courses, special events, retreats, health programs and more. We are not a drop-in type studio, but you are most welcome to come try a class. We’d love to meet you!


Yoga Basics

Yoga Basics is a course (and DVD collection) developed to teach students how to practice yoga safely and efficiently, so that they can progress with confidence and ease.  It focuses on what the essential principles of the yoga practice:  Breathing, Alignment, Structure, Innergy (inner energy), Centeredness and Sensuality.  Yoga Basics is a highly successful program not just with beginners, but also with experience yoga practitioners.  This 7 week semi-private workshop style class is by registration only and includes handouts.

Community Yoga


The Yoga Vinyasa classes are led by Yasmin’s senior Yoga students who have completed a 300- hour Advanced Student Teacher Apprenticeship Program in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and Ayurveda. The sequences offered in this class are derived from the traditional Ashtanga primary series. The practice is fluid and includes sun salutations, balancing, standing and seated poses, arm balances, back bends, inversions and relaxation. There is a strong focus on alignment, stability, breathing and creating easy transitions from posture to posture. This practice is open to all levels of students on a Dana* basis, a voluntary contribution based on the principle of generosity (Dana is generosity in Sanskrit). We are happy offer yoga on a sliding scale between $10 – $20, and what is collected supports the teachers, our space and this community program.

Doors open as of 5:55pm – Tea served after class

Dana: $10 to $20

Ayurvedic Yoga Flow : Morning Ritual + Smoothie

YYLoft-morningyoga-smoothie1This energizing ayurvedic morning practice is designed to balance the doshas, stimulate the mind, open the body and start your day on the right track. The classes explores different styles of sun salutations, ayurvedic self-massage, pranayama, short writing exercises, purification techniques and a targeted meditation. The beauty of this morning ritual is that it can be practiced by people of all ages, abilities, levels of experience. Finish your practice with a delicious breakfast smoothie freshly prepared at the Loft.

Shower available, please bring your own towel – breakfast smoothie served after class

Price: $20 drop-in, 10 classes for $160 + tax  (Insurance receipts under naturopathy available for clients.)

Ashtanga Yoga

YYLoft-asthangaAshtanga Yoga is the original “Power Yoga” practice. Taught by longtime ashtanga yogi Yasmin F. Gow, this dynamic class is a powerful sequence of postures from the traditional Primary and Intermediate Series of Ashtanga yoga. Yasmin offers tools for strong and safe alignment as well as therapeutic considerations from her training as an accredited ayurvedic practitioner. Experienced yogis with an understanding of the basic postures will feel comfortable in this energetic class that develops strength, discipline and concentration, and makes you sweat.

Doors open as of 5:55pm – Tea served after class

Price: Drop-in $20, 10 classes $160 + tax  (Insurance receipts under naturopathy available for clients.)