Yasmin Yoga Loft Old Montreal

I am thrilled to finally announce that I have a new studio space to practice, teach and host events. Best part about it is that it is in our home! This is a huge manifestation for my partner Craig and I and we couldn’t be more excited about this new venture.

When I sold my yoga studio in 2011, I wanted to be free from the challenges of single-handedly running a large centre with large overhead costs. However, I knew I still needed a home base where I could be wildly creative and teach what I want to teach. Well… I found it! March 1st, Craig and I moved into our dream home: a beautiful rustic 2,200 sq ft loft in Old Montreal.


It is breath-taking and everyday I fall more in love with it. We occupy the third floor of a four storey building. My friend Andrea Hausmann, a well known Montreal photographer who specializes in Burlesque/pinup style photography, had the loft for nearly seven years. I always admired her space, but never thought she’d give it up. But over brunch in January, she mentioned she wanted a change and that she wanted to transfer her lease. Craig and I leapt at the opportunity to have a place for us both to work and live.

The loft is pretty much one open floor with one wall in the middle that essentially divides the studio from our livingspace. We have old wood floors, brick and stone walls and incredible arched windows from floor to ceiling. Craig has plenty of space for photoshoots and I can host up to 27 yoga students comfortably. I also have an office for my ayurveda and naturopathy practice. We are still in the process of putting it all together, but we are almost there.

Currently, I am offering a two hour ashtanga yoga class on Wednesday nights, but the schedule will soon be expanded to include my Ayurvedic Yoga Flow, Vinyasa, restorative yoga and potentially morning and lunch yoga. I am hosting my teacher training program here and we have a bunch of events planned for May and June. Coming up in our calendar:

We are located on rue St Paul West just on the corner of McGill. I adore Paris and I feel like I moved to France, but have the luxury of still being close to my friends and family. The neighbourhood has, on most streets, cobble stone roads, and an abundance of cute little cafés, chic restaurants, art galleries and original boutiques, one that exclusively sells artistic lunch boxes. We are close to the green spaces around the waterfront, so there are great places for walking, running, picnicking and outdoor yoga.


I am so grateful and am really looking forward to sharing this space with you.



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