Malas and Mantras

It’s Time to Bloom

A workshop hosted by

Jaime Schmidt-Little and Anna Kowaleski.


• Introduction to mala-making
• All materials to make a 108 bead mala
• 15 minute yoga practice
• A full japa (repetition of mantra 108 times with the use of our newly-created malas)
This workshop is an introduction to the world of mala-making. All the materials for making a 108-bead mala are included in pre-made jars with intention words and a corresponding mantra for each mala. di erent mala types are provided so there is a choice between 3-4 di erent malas.

Before the mala-making begins, we provide a short introduction into the idea behind Malas and Mantras (meaning of 108, short history, what we can re ect on and how we can nd meaning as we make our malas). A quick how-to is given (there are also how-to sheets dis- tributed beforehand to limit the amount of confusion). Before transitioning into the mantra portion of our workshop, we lead a short yoga practice to allow participants to stretch and prepare for the sitting of the japa.

WHEN ? April 7 from 7.30 to 9.30PM

COST: $59 /person + tax
(cost of materials for the malas normally are $20 – $25 each)