Getting Started Now
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Morning Routines

Wake early (ideally 30-60 mins before everyone else wakes up) and at about the same time each morning – if you need an alarm, it is best to use something other than your phone (to limit early morning distractions)

Scrape your tongue – Toxins (known as ‘ama’ in ayurveda) accumulate on your tongue during the night. Use a U-shaped tongue scrapper and scrape the ama off your tongue. Repeat 2-3 times. Then brush your teeth.

Hydrate – Drink herbal tea or water at room temperature. My family & I are obsessed with our morning Green drink: Arbonne Greens Balance, Arbonne Digestion Plus, 1/2 Arbonne Energy Fizz with 1/2 lime juice & 500 ml of room temp. water.

Yoga, breathing, meditation, journal, gratitude practice and/or a walk outside – A personalized morning practice is the best way to start your day off on the right track. It sets your mind and body up for great things!

Delay Breakfast – Best to wait 12-14 hours between the last thing you at night and the first thing you need in the morning (unless you have blood sugar issues). This gives your digestive system time to rest & reset.

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