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This incredible 30 Day Healthy Living Program offers participants a structure and daily routine that focuses on four key areas of wellbeing:  

  • Nutrition – meal planning, snacking, addressing cravings & improving digestion;
  • Exercise – implementing physical activity daily for energy, strength, weight management & stress;
  • Stress Management – relaxation techniques, mindfulness, meditation, breathing;
  • Sleep – better quality sleep, feeling rested in the morning, more energy during the day.

With the aid of Arbonne International‘s incredible vegan, gluten-free, soy-free nutrition products, this program supports healthy weight management and proposes a gentle cleanse/ detox to reset the digestive system, improve metabolism, strengthen immunity, balance hormones and boost energy. 

What’s included:

  • Daily routines, tips and recipes on your own private 30 Day portal;
  • Arbonne 30 Day products to support cleansing and your overall success – 9 amazing (and customizable) products!
  • A private consultation with ayurvedic practitioner and naturopath, Yasmin Fudakowska-Gow
  • Weekly follow-ups via email to help you stay accountable to your goals; 
  • Arbonne’s NEW 30 Day Healthy Living Support Guide – check it out now
  • Daily checklist – spreadsheet to help you with your routine & track your progress.

What people are saying

I enjoyed the 30 day cleanse program.  It took me a day to get everything organized.  The first surprise came when I felt my body slim (lose volume) in the first EIGHT days.  The second surprise came at the end of the program.  I experienced a marked improvement in my heart beat and circulation.  What a wonderful benefit. I am currently doing another 30 day cleanse to see what other benefits will come up. A happy senior!

Micheline Ralet

The 30 Day Healthy Living Program reminds you that small changes can make a big difference. This program is all about progress and I really feel like you can pick and choose what suits your goals and schedule best. It allowed me to notice which habits were important to my physical and mental health. This helped me create a daily routine that was easy to follow and brought me clarity as well as peace of mind. A huge thanks to Yasmin. Her encouragement and accountability were priceless, especially after a busy day or week. Looking forward to using all the tools I have gathered from this experience to continue making time for myself and cherish all the moments life has to offer.

Chloe Bergeron

Contact me via email lifestyle@yasminfgow.com

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