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I offer therapeutic yoga and Ayurveda immersions and yoga teacher training programs for those who want to become yoga teachers, as well as professional development and mentorship programs for wellness professionals and for yoga teachers.

Why? Because the world needs more yoga teachers.

We are in a time when conscious and grounded leaders with a background in yoga, meditation, nutrition, pranayama and holistic wellbeing are needed more than ever.

All teachers, and especially yoga teachers, have a unique responsibility to cultivate community and holistic wellbeing in every day places – day-cares, schools, fitness centres, offices and in government.

Yoga brings people together while nurturing love, self-love, respect and harmony within the individual. The teacher is the facilitator of this growth and awakening.

This said, the responsibility to teach and serve in this humble and honest way requires great energy, which can easily be depleted if the yoga teacher does not take care of him or herself. The energy teachers offer to their students can only be restored through the teacher’s dedication to their own personal practice and on going professional development

Great leaders are teachers, and great teachers are great students.

The desire to teach and share yoga with others does not come from being an expert or master of the practice. Rather, it comes from our love of yoga and from our gratitude for the benefits we’ve experienced in our own lives.

The practice is the work we have done and the discipline we have developed before becoming teachers and what we continue to work on and develop along side our teaching.

Many people ask me, “How do I know I am ready teach yoga?”

This is how you know:

1. You enjoy your practice;

2. You have experienced beauty and healing in your own life because of yoga, ayurveda, meditation and/or pranayama;

3. You want to tell everyone about these benefits because if this can help you, you know it can help others;

4. You have a desire to continue growing yourself and your practice.

Teaching is a natural evolution of your practice

This is precisely how I became a yoga teacher and then how I became a teacher of teachers.

When I first started practicing yoga in 1995, I had no intention of teaching. I led my first yoga class in 2001 only because my teacher encourage me / forced me to. She saw something in me I didn’t see in myself. I was nervous teaching for a long time, but I wanted to share what I discovered and what I love about yoga, meditation and later, the healing benefits of Ayurveda.

Over the last two decades, my passion for yoga, Ayurveda, meditation and teaching has only grown stronger. I now offering yoga teacher training’s and certification programs and also offer mentor-ship and professional development courses to help people build and expand their yoga and wellness business.

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