The world needs highly trained yoga teachers & wellness professionals. Refine your skills, find your voice & share your practice.


Become a yoga teacher

We are in a time when conscious and grounded leaders with a background in yoga, meditation, nutrition, pranayama and holistic wellbeing are needed more than ever.

All teachers, and especially yoga teachers, have a unique opportunity to cultivate conscious communities in everyday places – day-cares, schools, fitness centres, offices and in government.

The responsibility to teach and serve in this humble and honest way requires great energy, which can easily be depleted if the yoga teacher does not take care of him or herself. The energy teachers offer to their students can only be restored through the teacher’s dedication to their own personal practice and on going professional development

Yasmin yoga mentorship


Expand your wellness brand

I created the mentorship program I wish I had when I was first starting out as a yoga teacher in 2001. With no formal training or teacher to advise me, my first decade of teaching was spent trying to figure out how to start and run a business. No one in my family is an entrepreneur and many times, I wished I had someone to help me shape and organize my ideas.

Many trials, errors, blood, sweat and tears later, I figured out how to create workshops, retreats and training programs, how to promote myself, how to run a successful studio, how to produce professional quality yoga videos, how to build a brand and how to stay in business for 20+ years.

Now I want to share my professional experience with you and help you grow your yoga and/or wellness business.


Become a Brand Ambassador

Working with brands you love and whose values you resonate with can be a great way to earn additional revenue in parallel to your yoga or wellness business. 

I have been so fortunate to work several large, international brands throughout my career as a yoga teacher. In the beginning, I promote yoga clothing and accessories and nutritional products in exchange for material goods. This was fun, but it didn’t help pay my bills.

Now I only work with companies that offer a fair compensation or generous affiliate program.

Articles, sequences, techniques, recipes & tips to develop sustainable daily rituals & enhance ultimate wellbeing

"For years, I've tried to "get into" yoga and I've never been very successful, but I find Yasmin’s teaching style to be exactly what I need to stick with it. I've been able to incorporate yoga into my daily life and I'm very appreciative Yasmin choose to share her gift"

– BETH IRELAND, Niceville, FL