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Services offered by Yasmin

Private Yoga

Private yoga sessions allow us to customize a yoga practice to suit your individual needs and goals and/or those of your private group (ie. Corporate Yoga). Whether you are interested in mastering advanced postures or simply want to develop a solid yoga practice, private yoga classes offers undivided attention and personalized service.

Corporate Yoga

Showing employees that you, as a company, care about their wellbeing fosters better employee engagement and satisfaction.  It also allows employees to connect with each other in a different setting, enhancing community and team building. All corporate classes have a therapeutic focus and videos and handouts are also provided.


Ayurveda is the type of naturopathy I practice. It is a beautiful and rewarding alternative medical system, rich with history and highly effective. An ayurvedic consultation can provide you with greater insight into certain conditions and help you establish new routines to improve your physical and mental health, energy & wellbeing.  (More info)


Having an experienced mentor to help review your course outline, business plan or marketing strategy for your wellness programs, workshop or retreat, makes a huge difference. This can help you be more productive and avoid the pitfalls many yoga teachers, studio owners and wellness professionals experience.