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Cultivating community, connecting with people and serving others is my life’s work. Offering rich experiences and the space to interact is the motivation behind my teaching. Inspiration and the desire to try new things comes from my students. It’s the individual questions, concerns, goals and challenges that propels me to expand my knowledge and pushes me to create new sequences, .


Winter Solstice Yoga

"The winter solstice is a special time of the …"

5 Reasons to do Yoga during the Holidays

"As life gets festive and busy, often yoga during …"

Solstice Yoga Fundraiser for Dans la Rue

"Our second annual Into the Light Solstice Yoga fundraiser …"

Infinite space and possibilities = excit …

"After spending eight days in Maine (ironically on the …"

Wanderlust Festival Experience

"Music, yoga, and a mountain adventure… so fun! After …"

Activism: Protecting Migrant Children

"The recent news of migrant children arriving at the …"

Kutumba Energy: Acroyoga Duo

"Kutumba Energy is an acroyoga duo based in Montreal …"

Grateful for 2016

"Dear Great Oneness Divine, We are at the cusp …"

Cloud Forest Yoga & Hiking Retreat …

"Our Cloud Forest Yoga & Hiking Retreat Panama just …"

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