Happy New Year, my friends. This is my prayer for the new era we are entering. Please feel free to make it your own, share it and/or add to it in the comments below.

Dear G.O.D. (Great Oneness Divine),

Thank you for a fantastic life.
I am so grateful for this human experience and for the wonderful people who surround me.
May 2013 bring me greater clarity.
May I be inspired by some great purpose.
May I be creative, motivated, productive and grateful each day.
May I only take on what is healthy for me and may I learn to simply rest when I am tired.
Please grant me the courage to face my challenges with grace and humility.
Please help me transform my past hurts into strength, insight and wisdom.
May I forgive. May I let go. And may I grow.
Please give me the discipline to continue to work on myself mentally, physically and spiritually.
May I continue to know peace, joy, health, abundance, love and kindness.
May these qualities exude from every cell in my body and in some way, touch all beings everywhere.
May all beings know peace, joy, health, abundance, love and kindness.
May all beings have access to clean water, food, love and safe place to rest, learn, play and pray.
May all parents be supported in their roles as protectors and providers.
May all children enjoy their childhoods in laughter, peace and security.
May physical, emotional and mental healthcare be available and accessible for all.
May those that need help receive the love and care they require.
May no one live in fear, hunger or loneliness.
May all beings have access clean air, fertile land, beautiful forests and pristine waters.
May we come together as a global community to heal and to share conversations, ideas and abundance.

Please surround me in warm, white light wherever I am and may this light be passed on to whomever I encounter.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Om Shanti. Peace.

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  1. Jasmine

    that is beautiful!

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