Solstice Yoga Fundraiser for Dans la Rue

Our second annual Into the Light Solstice Yoga fundraiser for Dans la Rue was magical. Yesterday, more than 60 yoga students came to practice for a good cause at the Yasmin Yoga Loft in Old Montreal. The atmosphere in the studio was incredible. The light from the candles, sent of fresh pin from the glowing Christmas tree and communal spirit in the room made for an amazing winter solstice celebration.IMG_8433

The classes were led by yoga teachers Gisele Seto, Bruce Chase-Dunn, Marta Fudakowska (my mom), Natalie McLennan, Alex Pelland and yours truly. Assistants included senior students from my 300 hour yoga teacher training program, and we had beautiful live music by Matt Wiviott on the Chinese Harp.

Thank you so much to our media sponsors : YOCOMO, Tuja Wellness and Yoga Directory Canada for help spreading the word about the event. Big thanks to Vega and Rise Kombucha for the aprés yoga refreshments (so appreciated after a sweaty practice) and to Bota Bota Spa sur l’eau and Mon Yoga Virtuel for the raffle prizes and gifts. We are also super grateful to Green City Couriers for helping us deliver the donations to Dans la Rue so professionally and efficiently.

Here’s the inventory of what we collected for Dans la Rue, a non-profit organization that supports homeless youth in Montreal:

  • Bag of lentils x 3IMG_8375 copy
  • Rice x 2
  • Pasta x 5
  • Cans of soup / beans / veggies x 15
  • Boxes of soup broth x 3
  • Almond milk x 1
  • KD x 5
  • Crackers x 2
  • Salad dressing x 3
  • Box of Granola Bars x 1
  • Box of Hot Chocolate x 1
  • Gluten free corn bread mix x 2
  • Juice x 2
  • Gravy mix x1
  • Bag of chocolate chips x 1
  • Box of Chocolate truffles x 1IMG_8436
  • Toiletry kits with toiletries x 4
  • Toothpaste x 17
  • Tooth brushes x 17
  • Tooth floss x 6
  • Body wash / soap x 9
  • Deodorant x
  • Shaving cream x 2
  • Mouth wash x 2
  • Shampoo & hair products x 12
  • Tissu boxes x 4
  • Box of tampons x 1
  • Bathrobe x 1
  • Underwear / boxer briefs x 12
  • Pairs of socks x 26
  • Tank tops x 3
  • Shirts x 2
  • Backpacks / bags x 7IMG_8443
  • Blankets x 2
  • Scarves x 3
  • Hats / toques x 70 !!! 🙂

+ Tim Horton $5 gift cards for hot meals x 13

+ $935 in financial donations!! (includes donations from our weekly Community yoga practice – last one of 2014 Dec 23)





How to Donate to Dans la Rue

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