This spring cleanse program is inspired by ayurveda, the ancient Indian medical system I practice. It holistic and works all levels: physical, mental, emotional and energetic as well.

I do a customized cleanse program for my clients, which ideal for addressing specific needs and/or health goals. However, I wanted to share suggestions for a gentle spring cleanse that almost anyone can do — Please read the disclaimer at the bottom. The program outlined here does not involve aggressive purgation or detoxification, yet it is still highly effective and harmonizing.

Why Cleanse?

In ayurveda, cleansing is an important part of maintaining good health and it is holistic, meaning it addresses the whole you — body, mind and the emotional heart. 2018-05-Blog-Spring-CLeanse-greens

Better digestion;
Stronger metabolism & immunity;
Feel lighter;
Feel healthier;
Boost energy;
Healthy weight management;
Improve body composition;
Reduce stress;
Promote mental clarity;
More restful sleep;
Improve skin tone & lustre;
Brightness of eyes;

Basically, it is a total reset for the system and the best time for following a cleanse program is in the spring or fall when the weather is neither too hot nor too cold.

Spring Cleanse Program Overview

EA2018-05-Blog-Spring-CLeanse-foodT light, soupy / stewy meals & keep portions small:
  • You will likely have about 4-5 ‘meals’ per day during the cleanse. If you aren’t hungry, don’t eat;
  • Eat soups (ideally blended) and lightly steamed greens – lentil soup recipe
  • Avoid all fruit except apples & pears (best cooked);
  • Eliminate wheat, coffee, alcohol, meat, dairy, sugar, high fat & processed food.
DRINK only herbal teas & water at room temperature:
  • Arbonne Detox Tea has fantastic, high quality kidney and liver cleansing herbs. One tea bag makes about one litre – drink this warm or at room temp during the day;
  • Chlorophyll and aloe is also good in water;
ADD cleansing herbs to help you eliminate:
  • Arbonne Essentials Body Cleanse – I love this product because it is easy to use, tastes good and everyone can benefit from it. The active ingredients are aloe for cleansing, ginger for circulation and anti-inflammation as well as magnesium to help the body relax and process. Take 1 sachet at night in warm or hot water or 1/2 in the morning & 1/2 at night in warm water or hot water;
  • Triphala in larger doses or in conjunction with the Arbonne Body Cleanse is also beneficial. Triphala is a blend of three herbs that has a laxative effect on the body. You can take tripahla along with the Body Cleanse for better results. (I like the herbs from Bayan Botanicals or Himalaya – easier to get Himalaya in Canada)
EXERCISE should be very gentle during the cleanse – only walking, light yoga or restorative yoga.
  • It’s important to rest your mind during the cleanse time; 2018-05-Blog-Spring-CLeanse-yoga
  • Avoid television, social media and other distracting mental activity as much as possible;
  • Avoid extensive social outings and late nights;
  • If possible, avoid traffic, unnecessary errands and housework;
  • Practice gratitude;
  • Journal;
  • Day dream and be creative;
  • Favour books that inspire you and calming music;
  • Adopt a comfortable routine – create it and you can send it to me;
  • Sleep on time, eat on time;
  • Ayurvedic massage (abhyanga) and/or warm oil (shirodhara) treatment is highly recommended as part of a cleanse program – For these services in Montreal, I recommend you go to the Ayurvedic Holistic Centre in NDG or contact my dear friend Vanesa Ayurveda.

DISCLAIMER: This cleanse program can be done by almost anyone. However, your immunity system and strength should be stable – do not attempt a detox when you are sick, extremely tired or very stressed. Exclusive cleanse diet is not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.


If you would like a personalized cleanse program, please contact us to book a private consultation with me.