Exploring the Basics of Biohacking: Revolutionizing Health and Performance

In recent years, the term “biohacking” has gained traction in wellness circles, promising enhanced human capabilities through science, technology, and self-experimentation. I am certain that biohacking and ayurveda are the perfect blend of western & eastern science. But what exactly is biohacking and what are its fundamental principles?

Origins and Founders

Biohacking as a concept emerged from the intersection of biology and technology. Propelled by a community of enthusiasts, like me, the goal is to optimize human performance and well-being. While it doesn’t have a single founder, figures like Dave Asprey, known for popularizing the term “biohacking” through his Bulletproof lifestyle brand, and Tim Ferriss (former yoga student of mine!), who explored similar themes in his book “The 4-Hour Body,” have played significant roles in its mainstream adoption. These pioneers advocated for using scientific principles and personalized experimentation to achieve better health outcomes and heightened cognitive function.

Basic Principles of Biohacking

Biohacking revolves around the idea of taking control of your biology—through diet, exercise, supplements, or technology—to improve physical and mental performance. Here are some foundational principles:

  1. Self-Experimentation: Biohackers often conduct what are called N=1 experiments, where they test interventions to see how their bodies respond. This personalized approach allows for tailored optimizations. Very similar approach to ayurveda. In fact, understanding your ayurvedic constitution helps you customize your nutrition and lifestyle more effectively.
  2. Nutrition Optimization: Emphasizing nutrient-dense foods, biohackers may follow specific diets like ketogenic or intermittent fasting to support metabolic health and cognitive function. The way approach biohacking is in consideration of my ayurvedic constitution and where I am at in my monthly cycle. I do the same with my clients. The results are truly impressive.
  3. Supplementation: From vitamins and minerals to nootropics, biohackers explore supplements to enhance focus, energy levels, and overall well-being. I use hair tissue mineral analysis to get an accurate portrait of what someone is missing or has in surplus (like heavy metals). I then supplement accordingly.
  4. Fitness and Movement: Incorporating targeted exercise regimens that support the natural hormonal cycles (especially for women), such as high-intensity interval training (HIIT) or strength training before and during ovulation and balance this with walking and yoga prior to the menstrual to optimize physical performance and balance cortisol (stress hormone).
  5. Sleep and Stress Management: Prioritizing quality sleep, stress reduction techniques like vagus nerve simulation or biofeedback, and optimizing the environment for recovery are crucial aspects of biohacking. Cold exposure, meditation, pranayama (breathing) and ayurvedic practices such as self-massage and lifestyle adjustments are also helpful.
  6. Technology Integration: Utilizing wearable devices (I have an Oura ring), apps for tracking metrics like heart rate variability and sleep patterns help with understanding and cognitive enhancement. This is all fascinating, but not completely necessary to see improvements in health.

Personal Experience

I have had the most insane body changing results blending ayurveda and biohacking. I have customized my exercise routine to minimize over-stressing my body by following my hormonal cycle. I’ve done the same with my eating habits. Intermittent fasting is amazing. It’s also aligned with how ayurveda views the digestive system. Giving the body a long break between the last thing eaten at night and breakfast, is highly beneficial. I adjust my fast depending on where I’m at in my cycle. I also space out meals by at least three hours during the day and follow proper food combinations. My Oura ring gives me biofeedback about my sleep, heart rate, movement and oxygen levels, which inspires me to better prioritize these aspects that may previously have been outlooked.


Biohacking, like ayurveda, represents a proactive approach to health and performance optimization, blending science with individual experimentation. While biohacking continues to evolve, self-experimentation, nutrition optimization, supplementation, fitness, sleep management, stress reduction, and technology integration empower individuals to take charge of their well-being in increasingly personalized ways. I have found blending the aspects of biohacking with ayurveda to be the most effective way to treat patients. Whether you’re looking to improve digestion, focus, sleep, body composition, hormonal health, libido or overall vitality, I am confident I can help you achieve the results you seek.

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