Yoga Basics 1 : Breath & Alignment (DVD)


The Yoga Basics DVD Collection is inspired by a course Yasmin developed to safely and efficiently introduces new students to yoga. It focuses on what she considers the essential principles of the practice: Breathing, Alignment, Structure, Innergy (inner energy), Centeredness and Sensuality. Yoga Basics became a highly successful program not just with beginners, but also with experience yoga practitioners, so Yasmin decided to turn it into a video series and share it with a wider audience.

Yoga Basics 1: Breathing & Alignment teaches you how to breathe deeply and develop confidence in your yoga practice through alignment techniques and progressive instructions. The Yoga Basics DVD 1 practice offers:

  • 1. Opening postures;
  • 2. Joint mobility exercises;
  • 3. Flow sequences;
  • 4. Standing and balancing postures;
  • 5. Seated postures;
  • 6. Abdominal toning;
  • 7. Back strengthening;
  • 8. Guided relaxation.

Production details:

Original Music: Morgan Doctor, Nicolas Maranda & Simon Petraki

Produced in high definition

Languages: English & French

Date: 2013

ISBN 978-0-9781385-3-0