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Brand Ambassador & Consultant with Arbonne International

My name is Yasmin Fudakowska-Gow. I am yoga teacher with nearly 20 years experience, a naturopathic doctor specializing in ayurvedic medicine and a brand ambassador with Arbonne International.

Full Disclosure: Arbonne is one of my main streams of income. I earn commissions off products sold to my direct clients and earn an override or bonus from all the products sold in organization through my business partners. 

Arbonne products are amazing + the business opportunity here is also incredible.

If you are interested in being a client and using the products or if you are interested in know more about the business, contact me.

Why Arbonne?

Arbonne came into my life five years ago rather unexpectedly.

At the time, I was a full time yoga teacher and ayurvedic practitioner and well known for my work. I had the Guinness World Record for the longest yoga marathon, a studio in Old Montreal, private clients who adored me and yoga videos for sell at all major retailers across Canada and on iTunes. I was a pretty big deal in the yoga community and prided myself on the reputation I had built. (More about me)

I love teaching but I was secretly over worked and under paid. I ran from class to class all day and my body and mind were tired. To be honest, I couldn’t see how I was going to continue work this way.

You see, like all service providers and entrepreneurs, hair-dressers, personal trainers, cleaners, makeup artists, even Uber drivers, my pay check depended on being in front of a client or class.

This meant no paid vacations, sick days or mental health days. It also meant I had to stay close to Montreal, because I had rent, staff and other over head expenses to pay at the studio. And I had pretty maxed out all my time teaching.

I felt trapped. I wanted to travel. I wanted to feel financially secure and I also eventually wanted a family, something that I couldn’t imagine doing on a yoga teacher’s salary. I also dreamed of making a significant impact in the world.

Still, I had zero interest in sales or in network marketing.

I said No to Arbonne at least half a dozen times. I wasn’t interested because I didn’t have any sales experience, I didn’t understand the business model and because I was truly worried what other people would think.

The last time I was introduced, my friend said, “Listen you’ll either get it or you won’t. Just hear me out.”

So I finally agreed to listen to business presentation and discovered it was so different from what I thought it was and it actually made sense.

This was the business that could allow me to travel and work from anywhere and make residual income.

Fast forward to today

I am a mom to a two-year-old boy, married to a man from Panama and we travel four to six months a year. I make my own schedule, wake up when I want to (or when my son wants to) and work on my own terms, because of my online business with Arbonne and because of the pay cheques that come with it.

If anything I just said resonates with you or even reminds you of someone you know, I encourage you reach out to me and let me share more info with you.   There is nothing more special about me or what I’ve done that isn’t special about you and what you are capable of.

And if at the end, this business is not a fit for you right now, that is totally fine.

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377 St Paul W, #200 Montreal, QC H2Y 2A7



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