This are my healing prayers for 2016 and beyond.

Dear Great Oneness Divine,

Everyday, may I, may we be connected to Source, to Spirit, to Love, to healing.

May we be centred and peaceful within the constant changes that is the natural evolution of life.

May we approach each new challenge with curiosity, patience and courage.

May we have healing for our past hurts with forgiveness and grow stronger and brighter.

May we laugh often and experience true joy and happiness daily.

May we nourish ourselves and others with generosity and kindness.

May we be compassionate and open to learning.

May we accept our faults and be understanding of other people’s faults.

My we listen deeply and speak with integrity and truth.

May we follow our intuition and know when to let go and move forward with grace.

May we be confident and dream bigger, and may we encourage others to do the same.

May we be disciplined to follow through, especially with promises made to ourselves.

May we know when to take a nap and when to get to work.

May we show gratitude even during the tough times.

May we give and receive the support that’s needed.

May we embrace our essential nature like we embrace a friend we’ve missed.

May we have true friendship and community with others.

May we all know we our own beings: free, whole and worthy of greatness.

May these healing prayers for 2016 manifest in the hearts of us all.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.






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