20 Life-Changing Questions

Determining what I really really REALLY want started by answering several life-changing questions. These questions, complied over several workshops and countless reading, required me to get extremely honest with myself, which led to some big decisions like selling my yoga studio in Pointe Claire, moving, building a new online business and even shifting my social circle. Difficult as this was at the time, the answers to those life-changing questions instigated a transformation that went from me feeling continuously stuck and frustrated to being happy and free.

I go into much greater detail about these life-changing questions and how to actualize the answers in the Ritual & Inspiration Vision Board workshop I co-host with my friend Ron Cherilus, I AM Coach and co-founder of Centre I AM. However, here are the questions and some context to help you get started.

Summum bonum – The Highest Good

Before I get to the actual life-changing questions, I want to share why I feel they are important. In Latin, “summum bonum” is an expression that means the “highest good.” It was first used by Roman philosopher Cicero referring to an end in itself or the ultimate goal of life in which values and ethics are top priority.

Responding to the life-changing questions below is about understanding how to serve and pursue your highest good, your true purpose and joy in life.

For me, the “highest good” is what is of greatest benefit both to you and to the people and community around you. And this is how I believe life begins to shift from OK to incredibly fulfilling.

Warning & Recommendation

This is not the easiest process, because you may have to confront some truths about your current situation that is may be easier to ignore, like being in a job, house or even relationship that does not serve your highest good. My recommendation is get comfortable, make a cup of tea and journal the answers to the life-changing questions below in a stream of conscious way by writing down whatever comes to mind as it comes to mind, kind of like a “brain dump”. Working with a life coach or mentor may also help facilitate this process.

20 Life-Changing Questions

  1. When do I felt most at ease and free? Why?
  2. When do I feel most light? Why?
  3. My favourite place… My sanctuary…
  4. Who are my favourite people? Who do I feel my best around?
  5. What are the qualities of these people?
  6. What10-15 things am I grateful for now?
  7. What are my main values in life?
  8. What inspires me?
  9. Where am I most inspired?
  10. What motivates me and gets me moving?
  11. My greatest discovery…
  12. In which ways do I want to grow?
  13. Moving forward, what are my health goals?
  14. What are my top five personal goals for this year?
  15. What are my top three-five professional goals for this year?
  16. What are my daily/ weekly practices to keep me healthy and happy?
  17. What makes me feel strong, sexy and fabulous?
  18. If I were completely fearless, I would…
  19. How does my bravest, most confident self behave? What does she/ he do?
  20. Three powerful life-affirming words to describe me in my best state are…

My hope is that these answers will help you clarify what and who you want in your life and why. Hopefully, what comes out of this exercise will also inspire and motivate you to make important decisions for your highest good.

For further support with this work, consider joining the upcoming workshop I am co-hosting with I AM Coach Ron Cherilus: Ritual & Inspiration, Cultivate your Best Day Everyday with Vision & Priority Management.