30 Days to Healthy Living All in Program

30 Days to Healthy Living All in Program


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Lean Fit Strong is an amazing, life-changing 30 Day healthy living program that is tailored to your lifestyle & interests.

Designed to sculpt your body & mind, there are three options below to help you create long lasting habits to improve your wellbeing.

This is not a boot camp per se, although the program addresses fitness and body image, while focusing on mindset, motivation, confidence, energy, happiness and productivity

The All Inclusive Package is for those ready to go all in and welcome transformation inside and out.

What are your health goals?

  • More energy?
  • Better digestion?
  • Better routine?
  • More flow to your day / life?
  • Eat better?
  • Maintaining motivation?
  • Stress management?
  • Weight management?
  • Better quality sleep?
  • Becoming fit?
  • Reducing inflammation?
  • Hormonal balance?
  • Faster metabolism?

What’s included – Health Coaching

($200+ value)

  • 30 Healthy Living Lessons Program – daily support with recipes, practices; articles, inspirations, videos, exercises, tips, etc.;
  • Access to a private Facebook group to share & discuss progress + more videos; recipes, encouragement, articles & more;
  • Two Facebook live practice and Q & A sessions;
  • 30 Day Health Living week by week meal plans;
  • Daily Routine guide;
  • Measurement chart;
  • Activity progress chart;
  • Guest trainings;
  • Yoga practices – videos;
  • Exercise training programs;
  • Guided meditation & breathing exercises – live & recorded.

30 day Arbonne Essential Nutrition Package –
9-10 products

($540+ value – shipped to you directly for FREE!)

  • Vegan protein powder – Vanilla and/or Chocolate 2x
  • Daily Fibre Boost (gentle, yet effective for cleansing) 1x
  • Herbal Detox Tea (caffeine-free, hydrating and offers gentle liver cleansing) 2x
  • Digestion Plus (probiotics & digestive enzymes) 1x
  • 7 day Herbal Body Cleanse (very nice detox blend) or Greens Balance (greens + antioxidants) 1x
  • Energy Fizz Sticks – pomegranate and/or citrus (trace minerals, vitamins and antioxidants) 2x
  • 30 Day Healthy Living Guide (recipes, meal plan, goal sheet, etc.)
  • Free shipping directly to you!
  • 20% off of all future product orders
  • NEW PARTICIPANTS: FREE Bonus Gift valued up to $120

* Recommended Add ons : Protein Snack bars, Fit Chews (lemon!)
You are also able to add on a private ayurvedic consultation online and personalized food plan at a 30% discount. For details, click here.

Investment: $359 CAD

Start now!

About Yasmin

Hello! Yasmin here. I am a yoga teacher of nearly 20 years, a naturopathic doctor specializing in ayurvedic medicine, a writer, mama and world traveller.
I am also a Guinness World Record Holder for the Longest Yoga Maraton and the producer of an acclaimed yoga video series.
It is my life’s mission to live beautifully, discover the world, continue to grow in health, wealth and love and inspire others to do the same.

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