NEW Yoga Basics 3-DVD Box Set

NEW Yoga Basics 3-DVD Box Set


Now available as a box set.

The Yoga Basics DVD Box Set is inspired by a course Yasmin developed to safely and efficiently introduces new students to yoga. It focuses on what she considers the essential principles of the practice: Breathing, Alignment, Structure, Innergy (inner energy), Centeredness and Sensuality. Yoga Basics became a highly successful program not just with beginners, but also with experience yoga practitioners, so Yasmin decided to turn it into a video series and share it with a wider audience. VIEW TRAILER ↓


Main practice – 60 min

Short practice – 20 min

Healthy Snack Recipe – 5 min

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Yoga Basics 1 : Breath & Alignment

Breathe in new life while standing tall, strong and confident.

Learning to breathe deeply and efficiently relieves stress, improves concentration, increases circulation and helps us sleep. In this carefully structured yoga sequence, I also share simple tips for better alignment and train you to practice injury-free and self-assured.


Yoga Basics 2 : Structure & Innergy

Find stability within the body and liberate your abundant inner energy.

Proper alignment creates a stable body structure and balanced yoga poses. The right timed breath while practicing yoga cultivates an understanding of our inner energy or Innergy, a powerful life force that flows through each cell in the body.


Yoga Basics 3 : Centred & Sensual

Discover a state of bliss where you are balanced and fully aware.

Being centred helps us maintain emotional and physical stability despite life’s challenges.

Increasing our Sensuality through yoga is about learning how to connect with our senses and experience freedom beyond physical expectations.


Production details:

Original Music: Morgan Doctor, Nicolas Maranda & Simon Petraki

Produced in high definition

Languages: English & French

Date:  2013


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