Yoga Basics 2 : Structure & Innergy (DVD)

Yoga Basics 2 : Structure & Innergy (DVD)


In Yoga Basics 2, we further explore breath-synchronized movement (vinyasa), merging the concepts of structure and energy, and creating yoga postures that are strong, yet flexible.

Proper alignment creates a stable body structure and balanced yoga poses. The right timed breath while practicing yoga cultivates an understanding of our inner energy or Innergy, a powerful life force that flows through each cell in the body.VIEW TRAILER ↓


Main practice – 60 min

Short practice – 20 min

Healthy Snack Recipe – 5 min

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The Yoga Basics DVD Collection is inspired by a course Yasmin developed to safely and efficiently introduces new students to yoga. It focuses on what she considers the essential principles of the practice:  Breathing, Alignment, Structure, Innergy (inner energy), Centeredness and Sensuality.  Yoga Basics became a highly successful program not just with beginners, but also with experience yoga practitioners, so Yasmin decided to turn it into a video series and share it with a wider audience.

Yoga Basics 2: Structure & Innergy explores the union of opposing forces: static – dynamic; strength – flexibility; light – grounded; physical – metaphysical; structure – energy; container – content, etc. The Yoga Basics DVD 2 practice offers:

  • Breathing exercise (pranayama) to balance the nervous system;
  • Opening postures;
  • Sun Salutations (different variations);
  • Standing and balancing postures;
  • Seated sequence;
  • Abdominal toning;
  • Back bending;
  • Supported Inversion;
  • Progressive muscle release exercise;
  • Guided Relaxation.

Production details:

Original Music: Morgan Doctor, Nicolas Maranda & Simon Petraki

Produced in high definition

Languages: English & French

Date:  2013

ISBN 978-0-9781385-4-7


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