My Thursday Theme is Nutrition. Having a system me is better than a schedule. My system of daily theming has been life-changing for me. But it is not just about being productive. It’s more about being happy, healthy, wealthy and nourished in mind, body, and spirit.

Nutrition is the focus of Thursday for a reason because, by Thursday, I often start running out of groceries, fresh ideas and the mental energy to cook. The week seems to have increased in speed. I am usually running around preparing for a weekend trip and/or trying to catch up on my (always) overly ambitious To Do list. As such, I forget to eat and then start crashing. Not good. And this is very common. So hence, the emphasis on nutrition for Thursday’s Theme.

This is the day to re-examine what I’ve been eating and make more conscious decisions when it comes to eating.

On Thursdays, I strive to be more like my dear friend Alana, who is always testing new recipes and makes the most nutritious AND delicious meals.

Thursday Theme Cookbooks

I am not a foodie. Although I enjoy good food, due to the athlete in me, I primarily eat for fuel and energy. As such, I will eat whatever is good for me despite how bland or awful it is. However, I have recently decided that life is too short to eat turmeric oatmeal and drink wheatgrass shots. (Sorry if turmeric oatmeal is your thing and you love it, but seriously, it’s totally unnecessary and wheatgrass is gross.)

My friend Alana Coates, a former journalist at the Montreal Gazette now living in London, UK, inspires me so much. Not just because she is a great writer, but because of the incredible meals she and her husband Alex casually throw together like this polenta bake with a ‘grilled romaine salad’ with roasted chickpeas Alana made seemingly without effort for lunch during our recent visit to London. Alana also bakes her own bread and actually uses her cookbooks. I, on the other hand, have many beautiful cookbooks I keep for the pretty photos, but have never used.

Do you use cookbooks? If so, what are your favourite?

Simple Plant-Based Food Plan

I decided to peace with the fact that I never use recipes unless I bake, which I almost never do. Instead, like with my weekly schedule, I created a system around food. I have detailed this system in another post (Click here to access my full Plant-Based Food Plan). In summary, the idea is to stick to a simple formula for meals like this one for lunch and dinner:

Lunch / Dinner Options:

  1. “Buddha” Bowl: Grain (rice or quinoa) + 3-4 steamed veggies + protein (seeds, nuts, lentils, tofu, organic chicken, wild caught fish or egg)
  2. Soup or Stew: Lentil soup, vegetable bean soup, chicken vegetable (bone broths are good too)
  3. Salad (if you can digest): 1-2 leafy greens (romaine, endive, baby kale, spinach, arugula) + 3-4 veggies + protein

The question I often get from my clients is “Do I have to become vegetarian?” The answer is No. However, everyone, self-included needs to eat more vegetables to keep our bodies alkaline (disease and inflammation can’t live in an alkaline environment), get more fiber and receive more vitamins and phytonutrients to help detoxify our system and optimize our vital functions.

My trainer Roberto Starnino is a rehabilitation specialist and he is known for recommending eight-nine cups of vegetables a day as a sure way to get the right amount of nutrients to rebuild your body and nourish your mind. At first, I thought he was nuts, but when I follow this rule of eight cups of veggies a day, I am way less likely to eat processed foods and also feel the difference energetically too!

Thursday Theme Questions:

  • How have I been eating this week and what can I do better?
  • Do I have a routine for eating?
  • Am I eating eight to nine cups of vegetables each day?
  • What food will give me more nutrition and more energy?
  • Am I eating foods that are fresh and in season?
  • How can I make eating more enjoyable?

Thursday Theme Actions:

  • Grocery shop for new fresh food or better, going to the farmer’s market;
  • Create a routine for meals: eat at the same time each day’
  • Clean out and reorganize the fridge/kitchen;
  • Practice good digestion;
  • Making a bigger effort to stay hydrated during the day;
  • Try new recipes and/or sign up for a cooking class;
  • Eat more vegetables in salads, fresh green juices, soups, stews and as snacks;
  • Dine with people you enjoy spending time with;
  • Focus on the presentation of food – lots of colors and making my food look and feel beautiful, even if I am only cooking for myself.


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  1. Micheline Ralet

    Yasmin, I have particularly enjoyed the recipes recommended by Ross Bridgeford of He is a highly energetic Auzie.
    He is a huge proponent of alkaline eating and creates very tasty recipes.
    I always do much better when I follow his recommendations. I think you might like some of his ideas.

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