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Evening Routines

Eat dinner & Give thanks – taking the time to appreciate and enjoy food with others improves digestion and health. In ayurveda, we call mindful eating “food sadhana’. It is best to eat at the same time everyday and preferably before 8pm. Eat fresh, warm, wholesome and light food and in a calm and settled environment.

Prep for the next day. Best to clean up the kitchen quickly and prepare whatever is needed for the morning. For example, you may want to prep breakfast foods like chopping fruit and setting the table for the next morning. Set up your yoga and meditation space and put out the clothes you (and your kids) are going to wear the next day.

Drink herbal tea. Fennel tea is very helpful for digestion preventing heart burn. Simply take 1/2 teaspoon of fennel seeds, crush them and add them to hot water.

Prep for sleep & Rest. Leave heavier housework like vacuuming and moping for the day time. In ayurveda, evenings are best suited for quiet and peaceful activities like reading, journaling, spending time with family, taking a bath and relaxation.

Sleep early & well. Ayurveda recommends a consistent bedtime around 10pm. If you have a hard time falling asleep early, force yourself to wake up one to two hours earlier than usual for a few days. Like this, you will be more tired at night. (Also, make sure you incorporate as much healthy physical activity during the day so that both the body and the mind are tired at night.)

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