What’s in my carry-on bag: Travel Tips

As you may know, Arturo, Koji & I are travel maniacs. We love to explore new places and happy to jump on a plane at moment’s notice.

I get lots of questions about how I manage frequent travel & long plane rides, especially with a toddler. Sticking to my healthy routines is essential. And pack the necessities is ultra important.

If you travel with children, you know I’d simply be lost without my backpack. Hanging from my shoulders, often saving the day with its hidden bounty. It’s stuffed to the rim, with all kinds of random things (mostly for Koji’s needs), along with a few must-haves for both of us.

I like to organize my bag super simple and lightweight, although it rarely is.

Our On board Travel Essentials

These are my travel essentials.

What’s in My Carry-on

  1. Back pack with laptop pouch – one shoulder bags are way too heavy;
  2. Insulated travel bottle for hot & cold beverages – Staying hydrated is important;
  3. Passport (!);
  4. Earbuds;
  5. Big shawl or scarf – it’s cold on planes & I can wrap Koji in it too if need be;
  6. Face creamRE9 Advanced Extra Moisture Restorative Cream – (travel size);
  7. Lip moisturizerShea Butter Moisturizing Lip balm;
  8. Hand creamArbonne Botaniques Nectarine Hand Lotion – so dry on airplanes!
  9. Sleep Mask (& ear plugs) – I try to sleep as much as I can on flights; easier when I travel alone…
  10. Face wipesDissolve the day Facial Cleansing Cloths from Arbonne – I can wash my face from my seat!
  11. Book or Magazine usually Vanity Fair or interior decorating mags like House & Home;
  12. Something special like Semi-precious Crystal Stone for Meditation on the go – makes me happy;
  13. For my water Energy Fizz Sticks – Mix with water! The new strawberry flavour are amazing!
  14. Healthy Travel friendly Snacks – Protein Snack Bar – Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt from Arbonne
  15. My laptop;
  16. My phone with downloaded books from Audible for me & Netflix cartoons for Koji;
  17. My toothbrush & mini toothbrush;
  18. Notebook or Journal;

I put the loose things inside a mini packing cube and I also carry my journal and my laptop with me everywhere I go, which you don’t see in the picture. Scribbling important lists, doodling dreams… Again easier when I travel alone, but doable when Koji is immersed in Paw Patrol or on the floor at my feet playing with cars.

Now for Koji…


What’s in my Toddler’s Carry-On

  1. Toddler back pack with bare essentials like 1 diaper, wipes & small toys;
  2. Honest Diapers & wipes – Koji is almost completely potty trained, but I am not willing to risk it on the plane + I pack lots & lots of wipes!
  3. Light weight books – these Robert Munsch books are my favourite;
  4. Passport (!);
  5. Travel cup – Love this one from
  6. Small toys – usually cars;
  7. Extra change of clothes… for all of us and depending on the length of the flight, I may pack two!
  8. Easy to go Snacks – fruit pouches pass through security and so do protein bars & seed + cereal base trailmix;
  9. Vintage cassette player & kid headphones;
  10. Books on tape… literally – these are from my childhood;
  11. Small cuddle toys;
  12.  Protein Snack Bar – Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt from Arbonne.

Travelling with toddlers is a test in creativity, patience and going with the flow… even when you are stuck on the tarmac and “the flow” is leaking from a diaper onto your (only) pair of pants…

Lessons learned. Now I make sure I am prepared.

What’s in your bag? What essentials can you not leave the house without? Let me know in the comments!

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