Daily Affirmations to Create the Best Day Every Day

These are my daily affirmations to create the best day every day. I read & review them at night and in the morning to help me protect my mindset and stay focused. You are welcome to adopt these for your own or personalize them. Use the present tense, affirmative, positive language and where possible, begin each affirmation with “I AM.”


Daily Affirmations to Create the Best Day Every day

I create my best day every day.

The most amazing energy, abundance, and joy are available to me right now.

I am taking care of myself and following through with what I say I am going to do.

I am waking up feeling rested, energized and optimistic.

I am ready to take on the day.

I am motivated.

I am calm & clear.

I am completing my most important tasks before lunch.

I am productive and courageous.

I am eating nutritious food that gives me energy.

I have clarity of mind.

I am making decisions with ease.

I am prioritizing my time with ease and clarity.

I have enough time to accomplish what is important with consistency & ease.

I am confident and efficient and work with ease.

I end my workday on time feeling fulfilled and successful.

I love the evening.

I enjoy exercising my body.

I enjoy seeing my friends and family.

I am having meaningful conversations and cultivating meaningful relationships.

I spend quality time with my loved ones.

I also have quality alone time to relax before bed.

I go to bed early, fall asleep easily and sleep soundly throughout the night.

Thank you for my health & happiness body & for the health & happiness of my family and friends.

Thank you for bringing wonderful, engaging & authentic people into my life and business.

I am grateful, radiant and deeply fulfilled.


I believe in living for now and enjoying life each and every day. Our time here is too precious to wait for ‘someday.’ Although it may not be possible wake up on the beach each morning without responsibilities, we grow, learn and have the opportunity to make the best of every moment. It is a continuous effort to release what is not needed and cherish what is important (both in short term and long term). I’m still in process with this, which is why I carefully guard my daily practices of meditation, yoga, writing, and reading. This said, my life is very different than it was a few years ago (I probably could write a book on this…) and I am pretty much doing exactly what I want. Still, like most people, I don’t have much time on my hands, so I need to constantly be reminded where to focus my energy and attention otherwise time escapes me and I end up crashing at midnight unsure of what I actually I did during the day. Can you relate?

Daily affirmations are also key!! So please, share your affirmations in the comments below. I would love to hear what works for you.

If ever you need support with any of the above, you might be interested in joining me on a 30 Day Healthy Living Program designed to sculpt your body & mind.

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