Yasmin Yoga Videos on YouTube

Several Yasmin Yoga videos are now available on YouTube! And I finally made my IGTV debut on Instagram! (Are you following me on these platforms? You should be, because more videos are coming!)

Maintaining a personal practice at home is especially important during times of change or stress. As you know, yoga supports us mentally, emotionally and physically. In order to support you further, my Yasmin Yoga videos offer ‘feel good yoga’ designed for all levels.

Yoga B.A.S.I.C.S for all levels

Here below, I offer two 20 minute Yasmin Yoga videos – the full practices are 60 mins available on my shop page. They are progressive and part of my Yoga Basics Collection that focus on six essential principles of yoga – it’s an acronym!

  • Breathing
  • Alignment
  • Structure
  • Innergy (inner energy)
  • Centred
  • Sensual

Fun right?  I created the Yoga Basics as an intro to yoga course more than 10 years ago. Because it was so successful both beginners and experience yogis, I made this video series to share the principles with a wider audience. Yoga Basics was originally released in 2012 as DVDs and sold extensively as across North America.

Yoga Basics I: Breath & Alignment

This introductory practice of the Yoga Basics Collection is one of my favourite Yasmin Yoga videos. I love it because it offers the simple lessons of breathing and alignment. You don’t have to be new to yoga to enjoy it. It’s good as a reminder to breathe and nice as an early morning or rainy day practice!

Yoga Basics II: Structure & Innergy

The second Yoga Basics video is about finding stability within the body in order to increase our Innergy (inner energy). By focusing on proper alignment, our body becomes a stable structure and our balance improves. This also allows us to breathe better.  And breathing better helps us understand and observe our innergy / inner energy / prana, a powerful life force that flows through each cell in the body.

Hope you enjoy these practices!

Lots of people worked on this original video series. Thank you to all of you again and again.

PRODUCER / NARRATOR / SCRIPT  – Yasmin Fudakowska-Gow

DIRECTOR – Hugh John Murray


CAMERA – Jesse Riviere & Craig Bannerman

MAKEUP & HAIR – Natalie Riviere

SET DESIGN – Amelie Bergeron Vachon


MUSIC – Nicolas Maranda, Simon Petraki & Pond5

EDITORS – Stéphane Vézina, Alan Kohl

PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS – Anjali Pradhan, Jennifer Herring, Emilie Brunet & Quinn Brunet