Monday Theme: Monday Mindset

My Theme for Mondays is Mindset. Monday Mindset has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

I love Mondays! To me, Monday feels like a fresh start, like a New Year’s Day or a new month. My energy is on point and everything is open and possible. It feels like a good time to recommit to my goals, to start something new, and get to work.

As I mentioned previously, I am working on becoming a more organized person. I have discovered that Daily Theming has helped me become more focused, more productive and less prone to stress and fatigue.

Full disclosure: I enjoy what I do for work. I truly love teaching yoga, doing ayurvedic consultations, running my 30 Day Healthy Living Programs and working online with Arbonne. As such, I look forward to getting into my myriad projects when the week begins.

If this is not your reality… yet, I invite you to use the Monday Theme to reshape your Mindset. Here are some questions to reflect upon:

I really enjoy starting my days with my morning tonic of Arbonne Greens Balance, Arbonne Energy Fizz and lime juice in water. In fact, this is the perfect starting ritual for my Monday Mindset. As such, I have hooked so many people onto this including my husband, toddler, parents and countless friends and clients.

Monday Mindset Questions

  • What am I grateful for? Are there things that are already working well?
  • Do I know my top priorities for this week?
  • What is my intention for the week?
  • Am I excited about something in particular?
  • What am I worried about or dreading this week?
  • How high is my level of willingness to grow and learn?

Motivation by choice vs obligation

The one thing that has really helped me fully embrace the Monday Mindset theme is to reshape my way of thinking about tasks. Shifting from doing things out of obligation to doing things because I choose to is a lesson in motivation I learned from Brandan Barber Coaching.

Like many of us, I use to think about my tasks on my To Do list as obligations and felt guilt, stress, and shame when I didn’t complete them. Now, I try to see each task as a choice, as something I want to do or choose to do because… and then I articulate the benefit and reason why the task is important.

Here’s an example: I used to detest administrative work, especially accounting. It felt like a chore and I wasn’t good at it. Because accounting was hard and overwhelming, I made accounting part of my Monday Mindset on abundance. I put it at the beginning of the week on purpose. My new mantra is, “The more I have the more I can give.” Now, I look forward to paying people because I appreciate the work they do. As well, I choose to pay my rent and bills on time because I appreciate where I live and I am grateful for services like internet, electricity, cellphone, etc.

This simple shift in my perspective has had a profound impact on my productivity. It also feels more energizing and motivating to know I have a choice. This is especially helpful on Mondays when getting started or restarted on a project is important.

Monday Mindset Actions:

  • Prepare my Monday Morning on Sunday night (See Sunday Theme);

    A morning routine is very helpful for me my Monday Mindset as it helps me get my day and week started.
  • Get up early – no snoozing! (Snoozing creates sleep inertia and makes you feel sluggish in the morning)
  • Implement a morning routine. For me, this is meditation, yoga and my morning greens from Arbonne (Greens Balance + Energy Fizz + lime juice in water = best way to start the day!);
  • Write out a primary affirmation or focus for the week: I am calm, I am at ease, I am productive, I am having fun, I am fulfilled… (See Daily Affirmations)
  • Prioritize the two to three tasks or goals that are the most important today and for the week and scheduling them in;
  • Figure out why I want to and choose to do the things I have to and should do this week (motivation by choice versus obligation);
  • Focus on my Productivity Mindset;
  • Read or listening to an uplifting and inspiring book, podcast or training to help me get into action (See my list of 10 Great Personal Development Books);
  • Protect my Monday Mindset from distractions – keeping my phone on silent, turning off notifications, checking email only twice during the day;
  • Check in regularly to see if closer or further away from my Monday Mindset goals;
  • Exercise! I find that if I exercise on Monday, I am most likely to reach my goal of going to the gym at least three times this week.

Do you have any other suggestions for a Monday Theme? If yes, please post your ideas below!

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