Winter skincare is ultra important. Our skin is more sensitive in winter and therefore requires needs extra nourishment and protection. After all, it is our largest organ and the only one exposed to the elements. This means that taking care of our epidermis is beneficial both to our outward appearance and to our overall well being.

Hydration is important all year round, but requires an extra focus in winter because the air is so dry. I love to start my day with the Arbonne Herbal tea followed by the Greens Balance.

How I healed my skin

This topic is close to my heart, because I use to have acne, redness, eczema and rosacea. These conditions made me feel embarrassed and became far worse in winter. I tried everything from Spectro Gel to homemade egg white face masks. Nothing worked. I felt the need to makeup to cover my blemishes and my confidence was affected.

It was only when I discovered ayurveda and improved my digestive system that I started to notice some improvements to my skin. Still, the biggest difference came when I started using Arbonne products. That is also when I learned to nourish my skin from the inside and outside, and that what I put on my skin matters.

As you may know, I am a brand ambassador and distributor for Arbonne International, a non-toxic, vegan health & wellness company. Their skincare and nutrition lines are incredible. I represent these because they are clean and they work. Once I starting using Arbonne, my complexion cleared up and my skin began glowing! It is a great feeling to look and feel good.


6 Ways to Improve your Winter Skincare Routine

  1. Hydrate from the inside out– Drink water at room temp & herbal tea all day – Always start your day with water or tea. I love the Arbonne Herbal Detox tea, the Greens Balance & Energy Fizz, which offer great flavour, nutrition and hydration;
  2. Hydrate from the outside in – Winter skincare requires moisturizer and you’ll want to apply it morning and night and possibly in the afternoon too if you have dry skin like me. I love the Nourishing Facial Oil to add extra hydration to my RE9 day & night cream (I’m using the new RE9 Brightening line and it’s fantastic!) and the Shea Butter hand cream is essential;
  3. Exfoliate your skin often – Exfoliating & removing dead skin cells promotes cellular renewal. I use the RE9 PrepWork Exfoliating Cleanser & the Genius Pads for my face and Rescue & Renew Scrub for my body and feet!
  4. As part of the winter skincare routine, I recommend covering up when heading outside. Exposed skin is sensitive to wind burn, dryness and even frostbite!

    Read your labels – Avoid creams with mineral oil or petroleum based ingredients – These are toxic for your skin as they block your pores and prevent your skin from breathing and from receiving moisturizer. It’s like plastic wrap and bad news! See Arbonne’s strict Ingredient Policy

  5. Protect your skin – I may sound like a mama when I tell you to dress up warm, but it’s true. Don’t go walking around outside without your mittens or without a scarf. The cold and the wind irritates exposed skin. I also recommend wearing gloves when when washing dishes. Hot water and dish soap can strip your hands of its natural protective layers;
  6. Detoxify your gut – Eat clean, improve your digestion and eliminate properly. I highly doing a gentle winter cleanse starting with the 30 Day Program or book an ayurvedic consultation with me for a customized plan.