Sunday Theme: Quality Time, Reflection & Preparation

My Sunday Theme is quality time, reflection & preparation. This is when I spend time with family & friends, practice self-care, plan, and prepare for the week ahead.

Although I wouldn’t describe myself as organized or a natural planner, I believe that Daily Theming, giving each day of the week a special focus, has improved my mental, emotional and even physical health. I have tested this myself and find I am a lot more focused. I feel more at ease and peaceful. I am getting stuff done. And my days feel full and abundant. As such, I designed my 30 Day Healthy Living Program with these Daily Themes in mind.

Sunday Funday

Like arranged on a calendar, I mentally start the week with Sunday. It’s like a pre-weekday for me and a good day to connect with the people who are important to me.

I also try to set aside at least a half hour of quiet time to do a check-in with myself (usually in the afternoon during Koji’s nap or in the evening, after Koji has gone to bed). I review and reflect upon what’s happened over the weekend and over the last week by pondering questions like the ones below.


Figuring out how to incorporate my family into my self-care practices and discovering new ways to spend quality time together is one of the aspects of my Sunday Theme I love the most.

Sunday Theme Questions:

  • Who is important to me and how can dedicate quality time to them today?
  • What can I do today to practice self-care?
  • What happened last week that was awesome?
  • What did I accomplish over the weekend and last week?
  • What’s happening right now that could be better?
  • What can I do now that will make the coming week/days easier or better?

I recently attended a conference with Arbonne, the line of botanical health and beauty products I represent. During one of the trainings, one of the trainers, Chantale Oliveira brought up a very interesting concept that I am now working into my evening routines and as part of actions associated with my Sunday Theme of review and prepare. This is the concept of writing not only a “To Do” list, but also an “I Did” or “I Accomplished” list.

What an awesome idea! I have been doing this all week and my daily satisfaction feelings have skyrocketed! While To Do lists are helpful for keeping track of things and fit in perfectly with our Sunday theme, I Did lists help us stay on track of our progress.

You may think checking off boxes on your To Do list might serve the same function, but not really. Try this and you’ll see what I mean.

Sunday Theme Actions:

  • Spend time with family & friends and remembering what’s important;
  • Reflect upon and write down your “I Did” list with the things you accomplished over the weekend and last week;
  • Make a personal, professional & family To Do lists for the week ahead;
  • Prioritize the tasks on your lists (See Productivity Mindset);
  • Delegate as many tasks as you can;
  • Add reminders & allotting time for your essential tasks on your calendar;
  • Schedule appointments for the week;
  • Do laundry (if needed);
  • Grocery shop (you can order groceries online) & meal prep for the week (See Simple Plant-Based Food Plan) ;
  • Prepare clothes, lunches and other stuff needed to make Monday morning as easy as possible;
  • Self-care: Rest, readself-massagemeditate, journal, breathe, go outside and daydream on the  ‘big picture’ (See 20 Life Changing Questions);
  • Practice Letting go;
  • Take a relaxing bath,
  • Go to bed early.

Of course, another suggestion for a Sunday Theme is to REST completely – no errands or chores on Sunday. If your home tasks like laundry & groceries can get done on another day, it’s lovely to use Sunday to have quality time with family and/or friends time and time for personal development, reflection, gentle organization, and self-care.

Do you have any other suggestions for a Sunday Theme? If yes, please post your ideas below!


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