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Food is pleasure, nourishment and fuel for our entire system. Nutrition is more than just what we eat, it’s how we eat, digest and assimulate. In ayurveda, digestion is everything. Discover plant-based recipes, wisdom from ayurveda, plus food plans and tips to improve digestion and boost metabolism. #YYsmoothies

Green Juices for Vata, Pitta & Kapha

"There’s nothing like a great green juice to help …"

Recipe: Tri-Dosha Veg Quinoa Soup

"With the weather wavering, nothing beats a hearty, high-protein, …"

Stomach Flu Natural Remedies

"Oh, the stomach flu! What a nasty bug. And …"

Veggie Burgers Recipe ~ Burger végétalien pour l’été

"  Inspired by my friend Kat Guerrerio’s veggie burger …"

Wheat Free Blueberry Pancake Recipe

"Photo by Craig Bannerman After many months of searching …"

Vegetarian Jambalaya – Good Friday Recipe

"  Today, a student told me she was fasting …"

Cookies & Music for yogis

"Things are progressing nicely with the Moon Salutations. I …"

Food Glorious Food!

"As promised, here are some vegetarian recipes to inspire …"

Anti-Flu Yoga

"Wearing a hat outside and choking down dozens of …"

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