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Food is pleasure, nourishment and fuel for our entire system. Nutrition is more than just what we eat, it’s how we eat, digest and assimulate. In ayurveda, digestion is everything. Discover plant-based recipes, wisdom from ayurveda, plus food plans and tips to improve digestion and boost metabolism. #YYsmoothies

Productivity Mindset

"Developing a productivity mindset is something I continue to …"

My Miracle Morning Routine

"Good Morning! I have always been a morning person, …"

Simple Plant-Based Food Plan

"We are 20 Days into our Lean, Fit & …"

30 Day Healthy Living Program for Optimum Wellbeing

"The 30 Day Healthy Living Program I have curated …"

Super Smoothie Recipes

"I admit I am not a breakfast person, so …"

Recipe: Kamut Blueberry Scones

"I am not into fussy food/meal prep and I …"

Morning Yoga by the Lake Recipes

"If you need some inspiration for breakfast, our Morning …"

Simple Fall Ayurvedic Detox

"A cleanse or detox is best done in the …"

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