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Yoga means ‘union’ in Sanskrit. It’s often understood as an activity. Yoga is also an art, a way of understanding our environment and how it affects and therapy that promotes a healthy circulation of energy and optimizes wellbeing all levels: physical, mental and emotional. #YasminYoga

Bhakti Yoga: Practicing Bliss

"Bhakti yoga is devotional practice. Usually, bhakti yoga is …"

Effortless Stress Reduction Yoga Practic …

"The irony of our modern, technically advanced world seems …"

So Hum Summer Solstice Yoga Practice

"It was a glorious summer solstice! For the fifth …"

Urban Goddess Retreat

"Les déesses urbaines! I had the greatest time at …"

Jan 1, 2011

"Happy New Year! I know I’ve been a little …"

Anti-Flu Yoga

"Wearing a hat outside and choking down dozens of …"

Reversing biological age

"I am always amazed and inspired by the stories …"

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