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Meditation is stillness, an opportunity to connect to the present moment. It offers a mental and emotional break from the constant activity and thought processes of the mind. Meditation creates space for inspiration and deep understanding of self and world around us. #MeditationwithYasmin

Daily Affirmations to Create the Best Day Every Day

"These are my daily affirmations to create the best …"

My Miracle Morning Routine

"Good Morning! I have always been a morning person, …"

30 Day Healthy Living Program for Optimum Wellbeing

"The 30 Day Healthy Living Program I have curated …"

Day 108 – Free Yoga Mala Download

"Tomorrow is Day 108, the 108th day of the …"

Why Practice Yoga

"Why practice yoga is a question that comes up …"

Ayurvedic Breathing Exercises to Reduce Stress (Lifestyle Videos)

"Breathing exercises to reduce stress on Lifestyle Videos! Add …"

Yoga Basics 1 : Breath & Alignment (DVD)

"  The Yoga Basics DVD Collection is inspired by …"

Balancing the Chakras

"The success of the recent chakra balancing workshop I …"

Bhakti Yoga: Practicing Bliss

"Bhakti yoga is devotional practice. Usually, bhakti yoga is …"

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