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Lifestyle is more than the way we live. It’s the pleasure we bring to our daily routines. We consider the environment around us, how we eat, work and sleep and who we surround ourselves with. It’s how we celebrate the everyday; what inspires and creates fulfillment, productivity and abundance. #LiveBeautifully

Why Practice Yoga

"Why practice yoga is a question that comes up …"

Ayurvedic Breathing Exercises to Reduce Stress (Lifestyle Videos)

"Breathing exercises to reduce stress on Lifestyle Videos! Add …"

5 Reasons to do Yoga during the Holidays

"As life gets festive and busy, often yoga during …"

Morning Yoga by the Lake Recipes

"If you need some inspiration for breakfast, our Morning …"

Morning Yoga by the Lake by Carlo Kuhlenschmidt

"“I miss waking up at 4:45AM!!” You read that …"

Yoga Basics 1 : Breath & Alignment (DVD)

"  The Yoga Basics DVD Collection is inspired by …"

Balancing the Chakras

"The success of the recent chakra balancing workshop I …"

6 Tips to Improve Digestion (Health is Happiness, June 2013)

"Ayurveda is often described as sister science to yoga. …"

Chai recipes for Vata, Pitta, Kapha & kids

"Given the season, here are some Chai recipes for …"

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